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Tuesday 18 January 2005

Report: 2nd Penang International 12 Hour Walk

Start and Finish line in front of Kota Lama

I thought walk is more easier than running.. Wrong! Guess. You cannot simply compare the distance of walking and running. Yes! The distance of walking and running within 2 hours are different but the painful of walking is more.

SP runners L-R: Teoh, Me, X, Janggut & Y - Sorry! Memory penuh

That was my experience after finish 2nd Penang International 12 hour Walk at Padang Kota last Saturday. Actually i managed to walk only 6:00.05 hour cover exactly 32.34 km with 31 - 1 laps clocked by my ChampionChip. After being disqualified by official by 1 lap. They caught me while running. Actually I run not because to chase or finish early but to loose my leg cramp. Anyway I deserved that and no heart feeling.

Having laksa at Batu Feringgi. Teoh, Jason & Janggut
Went to Teluk Awak to see Tsunami.. but not here..

When to Padang Kota with SP runners, Mr. Teoh and Janggut. Pick-up PM23 after registered and went to Baru Ferringi for laksa.

Race starts at 8:00pm, 7:30 after finish my Mabrib & jama' isya' change to running gears and warm-up a bit. Meet-up with KB, Becholi and other SP & BM (Bkt Mertajam) runners.

Pit Stop
Same pit Stop

The route cover 1,078 metre to walk around Padang Kota, Jalan Padang Kota Lama - Light Street - Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah - The Esplanade. Food and drinks were enough and well served to walkers and can have it when ever they like, when passing by at pit stop. There were plain water, 100+, Milo, nescafe, oranges, apples, kuih, bread, cheese, boiled eggs, nasi lemak, nasi campur except nasi kandar. And fried bihoon & mee for breakfast. Hehehe.. beside walking we all also having a great Pesta Makan.

Kota Lama building at night

1-2 laps, nobody stop for drinks, after more laps... drinking cups already finish and volunteer (who incharge for drink section) have to recycle by picking up in trash.

My first lap clock 9 minutes ++, so calculate.. for an hour i could finish 6 laps or 6km. 2hour = 12km, 3hour = 18, and to achieve 42km (as my target) need to walk for 7hour. Wow! That is too long.

Carbo load!!

Mid-night 11pm after 3 hour, a few walkers enter the pit stop and enjoy feast. My right leg starts mumbling. Sometimes i did a slow jog 2-3 metre only to loose the pain.
"A003! You were running.. Check out!" said an official

And suddenly heard an announcement..
"Abdul Haris Shariff from Malaysia.. 16 laps". and so on..
"The highest laps after 3 hours was 22 and the lowest laps was 11."

12pm (4 hour), more walkers hit pit stop and enjoy supper. Some of them asking aid from St. John. The funny thing I saw.. Got a guy smoking while walking and he asked permission for official.. Granted! and continue walking.

Current walking laps result was pasted near crossing line. Result were update every 2 hours.

Oughh!! Careful man.. sakit

1pm (5 hour).
I stopped for a while, remove shoes, rub a bit on my toes and legs, warm-down to loose the pain. Already got two blisters. Head to pit stop and having proper supper with nasi lemak and drinks. Take a break for 15 minutes.

KetamBatu mengajar anaknya berjalan.. Becholi, tengah isi minyak..

30th laps.
My legs were cramps. I'm really scared if same cramps happen after I did long run after fast month. It took me 2 months ++ to recover. Don't want to jeopardise in this walk event. My main obstacles right now, to train and finish my first marathon in KLIM.

31st laps.
Since I been disqualified 1 round, so continue finish another 1 laps for a pay-back and complete my 30th laps officially. I was struggling to finish it. It takes more than 15 minutes for a lap, compare to my first lap which takes less than 10 minute. Walking like robot and kengkang some more. Sweat, none already... sudah kering gila. Shoes getting hotter and hottest.

Then janggut passing by..
"Come Haris... Because You Can!" aiikk.. sound familiar this slogan..
Then said to myself..
"Enough lah.. this not right time to kamikaze. Got KLIM on the road.."

After 31st laps, stop and gantung my shoes. Had meal again and take a nap for an hour in car.

First Aid camp

3pm (7 hour), a few walkers change their second shoes. Those who didn't bring backup... they change also.. Walking with slippers. Like I said before, the shoes getting hotter and hottest. Blisters.. It's more than one. Janggut (24 hours run finisher) got 2 big red blisters cover whole both flat foots, he asking St. John volunteers to put a bandage and continue his walk with slipper!. Were that braveheart or kamikaze?..

Jason, try to finish his last lap before 8am

There were alot of braveheart action here. Some of them walk with kengkang style, robot, slow motion and still walking until 8am. Got a lady, who continue walked after recover from unconscious and she was shouting and crying a loud for help at her last lap before 8am.

At 8.00am sharp, the President gave a gun shoot to end the 2nd Penang International 12 Hour Walk. Walking result..

RESULTS - (MAS unless stated)
Men's Open:
1 - Thevendra Ramanjuloo 93.786km,
2 - Mohd Hanizam Harun 90.552,
3 - Effendy Suhaili 89.474;

Jr Veteran:
1 - Vandenhoeck Alexander (Bel) 89.474,
2 - Cheah Sin Chor 81.928,
3 - Ng Huat Beng 79.772;

Sr Veteran:
1 - Abdul Wahid Kassim 84.084,
2 - Wong Boo Wit 76.538,
3 - Keshab Kumar Chhetri 76.538.

Women's Open:
1 - Emily Stecker 67.914,
2 - Lai Nancy 61.446,
3 - Ling King Choo 60.368;

Jr Veteran:
1 Wong Siu-Ching (HK) 74.382,
2 Yeung Man Chun (HK) 73.304,
3 Fung Yuk Ling (HK) 72.226;

Sr Veteran:
1 - Lim Mooi Kiang 73.304,
2 - Tan Hoi Tiang 71.148,
3 - Wong Ha Mooi 67.914.

If given a choice to run or walk for 30km... Definitely I will choose RUNNING!.

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  • Hi Haris,
    I'm a slowcoach from S'pore. I usually take part in runs all over M'sia and occasionally in Thailand. The last time I took part in a walking event was more than 10 years ago because 1) too many people cheating and 2) I'm even lousier at walking than I'm at running.
    I thought that at 12min lap it's possible to complete 60 laps in 12hrs so my target was 50 laps. After the first lap which like you I did in 9 min+ my plan was gone with the wind. I changed my plan to sub-10min/lap which I managed for 15 laps even with breaks every 5 laps. 10-min laps were easier to monitor. I slowed down after lap-15. By lap 20-something I was getting tired and sleepy and and rested every 2 or 3 laps. Still, I managed 28 laps at the end of 4 hours. After lap-35 I took a long break: had a 45min sleep and then a big bowl of red bean soup - marvellous.
    I felt good after that but suddenly on lap-39 one of my gantong failed - it became very painful to bend my right knee. So I walked very slowly and stopped every one/two laps. Strangely, in the last hour the pain went away and I did the last two laps at 9-min pace. Total: 48 laps.
    I'll have to think twice before I do something like this again. The problem is not the tiredness but because my body clock went all salah: eating, sleeping and shitting at the wrong times. My body did not know when to do the things it's supposed to do.
    The winners were really fantastic in the way they were able to keep going throughout the 12-hours.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:40 pm  

  • Dear Anonymous,

    Firstly really tabik to you for came up to Penang. Meet-up many singaporean there. Wish i could run in Singapore Marathon this year..
    Congrats to you finished 48 laps.. Man! really tough! walking is different experience and really challenging my mind. Too long mind games played inside. Mental pun kalah.

    Eh! how come your pain suddenly gone? and able to do 9min per lap? Was it because or red bean soup? Something interesting happen there... tell me abit..


    By Blogger aharis, at 10:11 am  

  • Hi Haris,
    All night long I was asking myself what the heck was I doing there? I had zero practice and have not racewalked for 10 years. But I had to do it because this may be once in a lifetime chance. I'm not sure this event may take place again and also I'm not getting any younger. The organisers really put in a lot of effort for only 300 walkers. I was very happy to see so many walkers staying till the end.
    I thought the crying lady and myself were the only S'poreans there because I didn't recognise anyone else. Of course I remember seeing your friends Jangut and Mr Teoh. I think I was next to them when I took my nap. Do you remember a guy wearing a blue t-shirt and blue cap backwards? That was me.
    I think the red bean soup helped me. Besides carbohydrates it also has protein which I recently read somewhere makes a lot of difference. I also liked it because it was hot.
    I don't know why the pain in my knee disappeared near the end. It's still sore now so I dare not run because I'm taking part in a half-marathon this weekend. Gila!
    I have been going to Penang to run once or twice every year since 1988. But last year I didn't go because Penang Bridge Run got cancelled. This trip is to make up for last year. I hope PBR will come back this year.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:47 pm  

  • My Anonymous,

    Let's chat or left a msg at my tag board.. ya!.. Hoping someday we meet again & run together.. KLIM?.. Can't wait to run & go to KLIM.. a lot running blog friends to meet..

    By Blogger aharis, at 10:15 am  

  • This is very interesting site...
    » » »

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:45 pm  

  • Dear all,

    The 12 hour walk is back again organized by Race Walker Association of Malaysia

    This year will be located in putrajaya; 1st Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2008.


    Come join us...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:57 pm  

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