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Monday 10 January 2005

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 3/12

03/01: Training program week 1,

Sun - 16km
Mon - Rest
Tue - 9.5km
Wed - 13km
Thu - 9.5km
Fri - Rest
Sat - 6.5km

Hard Part
Heheheee.. this become an easy part.. i was mengulaq for whole week. No run, no warm-up, Just makan, makan and makan.

Had to listen to my right leg and give time to recover. After Temple Run on new year day, decided to stop training for a week. Too much pain i had. Start run until end, macam kuda kena tembak kat kaki. Not having fun at all on the run. Sakit jiwa ada.

03/01 - 09/01
- Went to Kota Kuala Muda.
- Outstation for 2 days to Shah Alam.
- Sukaneka at Taman Semeling Indah (My taman)

Still got a week, to train for 12 Hours Walk this weekend. Wish me luck!

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