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Wednesday 12 January 2005

Run back home

What you do if your bike got puncture..
..put your running gears & run!

Yesterday, i ran back home from my office Gurun to Pekan Bedong. Left all stuffs (uniform, wallet, safety boots, home keys & beg) except handphone, RM50 notes, IC and bike key.

It's not my first time. I did it 4 times before, 3-4 months ago but never try it in the morning. Maybe i should try once.

My bike got puncture after 1 km, went out for work. Luckily it happen at Pekan Bedong but unfortunately no shop open yet as it was early as 7:15am. 9am.. baru buka..

Pull my bike to kaki lima bike shop, left a message to change inner tyre tube, engine oil and my handphone number. Inform my friend for late-in into office and luckily again, he also on the way.

After office hours..
Need to do training run Office <-> Gurun... but after that.. mau balik dengan sapa?.. Put my Pegasus and run back to Pekan Bedong.

9km: 49.12 mins

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