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Monday, 14 February 2005

Formula One Run

Date: 27 Feb, 2005
Venue: Sepang, Selangor
Distance: 2.5km & 10km
Entry Fee: RM10
Contact: MDS at 03-8706 1090/1016/9493/1641

..again, tarak hari lain kaa.. mau buat. Hebat sangat ka 27 Feb ni?. For sure i will go for IronMan at Langkawi.. arrrk!

Today, I got a Border Pass.. yeeehaaaah!! my first international run.. Padang Besar Half Marathon. Feel like katak duduk dalam tempurung.. never in my life langkah keluaq Malaysia.. and frankly after 5 years stay in Kedah.. i never go to P.Langkawi.. Maybe Mahathir Marathon may force me to go to P.Langkawi.

So.. don't ask me where nice places to stay in P.Langkawi.. Please check the net!

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