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Tuesday 19 July 2005

Report Seremban Half

The worst after run half marathon i ever experienced! errr.. not because of the organizer or the run event itself.. AFTER. Was understood it was 18th Seremban Half Marathon. Never miss a year. Think, the organizer had alot of experience to handle this event. Although the cash prize not so attractive but a huge crowd awaiting at starting line.. Meaning this Seremban Half Marathon really famous.

@ Starting Line
Race flag-off sharp at 6:45am... just shock by gun shoot "BANG!" chit-chat. Start run slow. Meet-up all KL runners such as CM, Jason, Tey, and etc.. after 20mins start increased the pace abit.. run solo.

The road course Was nice, a quiet, still early morning and not many cars passing-by, cold, kampung view and small factories.. sniff..snifff i smell chocolate here... Oh! hot chocolate drink would be nice right now.. then pass the ostrich farm. As i reading the sign-board it is open for public and could saw a lot of ostriches after making a U-turn to another road.

I was remembered one article in RW: July05 said "The great thing about traveling if you're a runner.. just put your running shoes and get a little lost and see what you find.."
- yeah i did it once at Melaka while having a business trip there and what I found while running-traveling saw a nearest hotel to Stadium Tun Fatimah where I plan to take part in marathon next week.

Somewhere here before u-turn.. I was running with KC the penguin. We're running together for awhile. What else to talk when runner meet runner.. After the u-turn, there a lot of hilly we need to climb. the view still nice passing a few vegetable farms and the indons pom-poms us.

Then got an indian with two other friends, he kept annoying me by over-take me.. run nearly in-front of me.. so close when my running shoes nearly hit his shoes.. then he slow the pace and let me over-take him.. He did it 2-3 times
- Hayun!
So decide to run the other side of the road. Against the traffic. And I'm running alone.. Let the indian gang running follow the traffic.

Last 4km, we heading to small town and other school and 10km categories join us. The road was small. It was already past 8am, the traffic start congested with cars and motorcycles not to say a huge crowded of school children taking part and the 10km runners. The roads were packed!..

Sometimes i had to push a bit kids in-front and gave a hand signal asking for a road from cars and motorcycles.. Marshal, were there but think they could not handle it.. too crowded
- duh! padat!

While running, i was approach by old friend whom we run together at 30km on our first marathon in KLIM05 - Mahathir. We having a chat awhile. Said hi, next run and etc. He also plan to go to Melaka next week.
- Cantek!

Suddenly i over-took Alex, while he walked 3km to finish line. A quick approach..
"Woit! Why?"
"Kaki cramps!"
"Come on!!"
"No lah!"

Continue my running pass the Royal Adelphi hotel building where we staying at Lake View hotel in-front of Royal Adelphi. The road was bit hilly and the finish line was not far.

Pass the A&W restaurant, Parkson building shopping complex and the council field not far.. get thru the field.. Tey was waiting with his camera.. gave a pose and stop my stopwatch - tick

Got 56th position and my timing not so good 1:52.37 mins but i really satisfy and great as i feel like nak mampus at last 4km until at once stage I was mumbling to myself swear will not going to Melaka next week.

@ Field.
Meet-up with The Penguins, The Pacemakers geng and others.. Alex who got 10th in Nilai 3 half marathon, he was in 5th position in veteran category until his legs start cramps at 5km to finish line. Force him to walked until to finish line.

@ Hotel
Around 11am, when back to hotel after took bath. my body felt not very well the air-cond was running on in high mode and low temperature.. Alex was sleeping. He get back to hotel after finish his run. After taking a bath put my sweater and stay-out of room for awhile. CM, came and we're chat for more than half an hour.
- When penangaties meet penangaties and same kampung.. add another half an hour..

Going Back
Noon, my body was getting hot and my throat was hurts. It's really hurt when drinking water... makan.. lagi laa... We check-out and walk to bus terminal. I was wearing 2 t'shirts, an track top with full zipped. Walking middle of road at noon caring 2 begs.. must be the public though me one of the rappers runaway from home.

Gosh! hope I could reach the bus terminal quickly as my head was spinning and I could not standing still.

@ 2:45pm, in bus
Luckily, we a having a VIP bus coach. 3 seats in a row. Put my begs, finished drank a liter of mineral water with 2 panadols, turn off the air-cond and ZZZzzzZzZZzzz. I was slept merekot like cat. Felt so cold.

@ 8:30 in Juru tol
We pick-up by Alex friend and from Alex house, i 'm taking my motorcycle back to Bedong. It was so cold and my hands were shaking while handling the motorcycle. I was hoping to get home quickly so speed-up between 80-100km/h..
- and hands shaking gila..

@9:45 safely at home.
Took-off the shoes only, straight to bedroom and continue sleep with 2 blankets, same t-shirt and pant.

Was MC on next day (Monday). The whole day I was laid and sleeping. Wake-up only for pee, walks like marathon finisher..
- huh! That day i swear.. no Melaka next week.. full plak tuh!

At office, still felt not very well, my body temperature still hot. My voice sound a bit different.. Drinking and eating still hurt my throat. Noon - Took a half-day leave again.

What a run experience. The worst AFTER the run event i had. Never in my life got fever after the run. That night, Mr Teo came to discuss about the SP Runners club activities.. and..
"OK! This week all of us will be doing FULL at Melaka"

p/s: thank a lot to CM for registration and his hands

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  • 1.52 for 21.2km??giler laju!!! my first half marathon in KLIM was finished in 2.25!!!


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  • TQ! Sederhana laaa..

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