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Tuesday 30 August 2005

Report Larian Merdeka, Serdang

...Terooook / Bad Organizer

1. Distributed bib # at 8am before run. Should be a day before.

2. Flag off for Open category at 8.45am
- Too late.

3. Everybody waiting for VIP for flag off
- he came late... hebat dia

4. Medal ciput
- Kedekut. Pesta boleh buat 2hari 2mlm

5. 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners need come back again on Sunday night for prize ceremony

6. What 1st winner for boy school children category got? ..soap x 3, a tower (RM10 = 3 pcs punya quality), a box pencils chicken brand..
- hah! no medal no trophy? Pekena bebudak. Najib said his champion cried when reach home at 1am after prize ceremony.

7. At finish line... after top 10 finishers.. nobody is waiting for you.

8. No certificate

9. At each of 6 checkpoints… ya! Six! = A rubber band tight with a piece of manila card were given …and at finish line.. left only rubber bands. Cards were wetted and dropped

10. Organized by government! - Beware if they doing for the first time. Sudah kena banyak kali dah..

Luckily the route was nice and shady thru Serdang villages. Passing fruit farm, kampung2, pom-pom by villagers and a bit off- road. – Lucky!. That the only good thing about Larian Merdeka at Serdang, Kedah

I'm not running on full throttle and finished <10km in 42.28 - Not consider as new PB

Enjoy the pics..

Registration and bib# collection

Warm-up?! No need lah! Already panas in-out side. Matahari terpacak atas kepala

Flag-off for school girls category

Flag-off for school boys category

Flag-off for women category

Flag-off for Veteran

Open category... flag-off on 8.45am! Usually it's time to cross finish line

A few meter to finish line

End of nightmare run event

1st winner of boy category - Najib Jr.

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  • Too bad about the organising. Sekarang aku lebih selektif apa event aku masuk. Takut kena event yg macam kau kena.

    By Blogger krunner, at 12:21 pm  

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