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Tuesday 30 August 2005

Weekly mileage

Mon 22/8 - Home to TSI. 10km @ 7am. 50.36
Tue 23/8 - Rest
Wed 24/8 - Home to TSI. 10km @ 9:15pm. 25.26+22.53 = 48.19
Thu 25/8 - Home to TSI. 10km @ 9:20pm. 26.24+23.09 = 49.34
Fri 26/8 - Rest
Sat 27/8 - Larian Merdeka, Serdang. <10km. 42.28
Sun 28/8 - Home to TSI. 10km @ 9:20pm. 25.11+22.27 = 47.38*
* Training PB
Total mileage = +- 50km

Tonight, mencuba nasib again for Larian Merdeka at UUM, Sintok. I know there will be alot of Siam runners and no chance for top 10 or medal.

I just love running at night and want to celebrate Merdeka with kids out side of the house. Like previous year.. was glued on the TV. Hopefully there will be a fireworks at Alor Setar and we back home late night - Yeah!

Thursday - Buat kenduri kesyukuran sikit kat rumah
Friday - To Taiping
Saturday - Check for route with Zul
Sunday - Bukit Larut Off-Trail 2005

Decide to perah cukup2 at Bukit Larut although the registration fee too expensive RM30, no t'shirt, no finisher medal and i never train for off-road. It's a revenge for not going to PJ Half and PutraJaya... and Powerman.


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