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Tuesday 6 September 2005

Report Larian Ambang Merdeka UUM

Was ran all-out that night from 2km to finish line.
Until at 5km.. i met-up a rival. Both of us kept on overtook with each other until finish line. He make me ran without thinking of anything.. just potong.. dipotong.. potong.. dipotong.. potong.. dipotong..

The route was exactly 9km not 10km as state in the registration form.

9km = 38.28mins
Pace = 4:16 per km

Aaarrggg!!! why not 10km!!!

My bib# A 057 = Merdeka!
My lucky# 0082 = Number was up! but i was in changing room

Stretching and warm-up with kids

Duh! Veteran ramai.. Siam ramai.. Muniandy pun ada.. Lapaq aku malam ni.

Briefing to avoid shortcut or wrong route. Malam.. mana nak nampak

Kids.. guys MERDEKA!!

..Sedia.. Tiga.. Dua.. Satu


..another a loop of track

Finishing line inside stadium



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