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Thursday 8 September 2005

Report Larian Merdeka @ Larut Tengah

at Taiping 2 Sept, friday night.. Zul called and invite me for 3km run at Larut Tengah tomorrow morning. I was not interested, want to save some "fuel" on sunday. ..3km?! Maybe suitable for my wife - Rozie.

10 medals were allocated for women category and so far only 7 registered said Zul.

"3km only, if you can not run.. then walk lah.. medal - confirm!" cucuk aku kat Rozie.
"Okay" she agreed since her mom teased her for being "extra".

The run, which organised and prepared by Zul was one of events for JKKK Air Kuning, Larut Tengah Family Day. It was a kampung run event, run thru kampung houses, taman houses, a bit off-road and hilly. Other events were, cooking competition, coloring; azan; qunut for kids, kopek buah nyioq, musang berjanggut and others.

Upon reached, thought want to do a warm-up run only so registered both of us.

Before flag-off... warm-up exercise - Aerobic..
With oldies songs in sixties - like Dara Pujaan, Pop yeh-yeh songs and A-go-go dances..
Yeah.. it move my feet and the veterans.. - They love it

Rozie.. looks cool. It was her first run event. She used to jog around taman once a week for 10-15mins. And 3km.. think no problem for her. Kids not coming - still sleeping.

8:30 flag-off the run.
Women category - Less than 15 runners
Open men category - Less than 20 runners

For men category.. starting.. everybody run like mad cow - Zzaaaassss.. left me alone behind
..after 300 meter.. most of them start walking - Potong one by one

Try to chase 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners. May be they far in-front, as i start slowly for first 1km. Run thru kampung and taman houses.

500 meter more, Zul came by kapcai urge me to potong 3 runners in-front and finish line not far. Speed up my pace and able to overtook 3rd runner 50 meter before finish line.

Got 3rd ...and a trophy

Rozie, she got 6th position - She looks happy getting her first medal
and me - my first trophy

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