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Monday 19 September 2005

Temasya Sukan 2005

It was first time my company organized sport events ala Olympic. Before, there were futsal, bowling, football, ping-pong, in-door games, bored with same treasure hunt format except different destination and etc-etc-etc. So far no abit-extreme sport langsung like hiking kaa.. mount climbing kaaa.. canoeing.. camping kaa..

Think, it good idea from a new commitee of Company Sport Club, at least everybody /every-level /young-old could involve together. And relationship could become more friendly. - That the sport is.

Firstly heard from committee, they want to held mini-marathon. I was excited. They asked me for a working paper. Take a day to complete. Then they trim-down the expenses, the route, the categories, the prize and closed (only for staffs). - Yeah! i want to run. You run the event.

The committee decide to held a mini-mini-mini marathon (3km), 100metre, 400metre, 800metre, long jump, shot put and javelin throw. Staffs, were divided into five teams. Macam sport event at school laa.. rumah/team kuning, mutiara, helang, tikus, bunga taik ayam and etc... For us, team were named base on motocycle models. I was in Elegan team. Others were.. Elit, Karisma, Kriss and Kristar - 5 teams

A 3km run start early morning after launching ceremony and aerobic exercise. It was raining heavly before i could reach the office and i missed those events. After get changed, warm-up abit, slow jog and were approach by colleagues..
"Hang menang laa.. yang nie.."
"..Weeyy! Hang masuk mana aci!"
"Sure Habih laa.. kami.."
Aduuuh! Pundek! Pressure.. pressureeee..

Everybody know me because of my training run. Running from Office <-> Gurun before going back home. Mostly 3 times in working-days. So.. if kalah - then malu wooooii.

2-3 days before, decide not coming.
So i could use a reason like...
"I could not coming laa.. i going for Petaling Jaya Half Marathon"

A day before - Got no-where to run. Said to myself..
"Let's face it! Lose or Win - it does not matter"

Line-up infront of Sport Complex

Warm-up. Wuih!! ramainyer


Half-way more

After flag-off, most of the runners ran really fast. I was start slown behind. Shutdown the pressure, load a fun-run mode. Run+chat with colleagues. 500metre, most of runners start to walk. Potong..

1km, i was running with a heading group of 5 runners. Potong.
One of them start turbo and ran with me. Turbo for 50meter, he chased me. Test him twice.

At 1.5km, he stop and tight his shoes lace - Hehehee... tunggu apa lagi.. Press turbo boost until 100metre and maintance the pace. Ran alone till cross finish line.

a five year kid ran with his mom for 3km

Winner for women category. She is my dept clerk. IT Dept staffs won for 3km run

Nagaro-san. Plant Manager. 4th. Haiiitt

Lompat Jauh

Acara balapan

Merejam lembing / Javelin Throw

Baling pelure / Shot Put


Heat1 800m - first, Final 800m - last

..Won! jaguh kampung - heheee..

Lesson Learned
1. Don't let untied lace - Lost your valuable time /minutes /moments
2. I could run distances.. but not run sprint. My 100m, 400m and 800m end last.
3. Team Elegan - Won!

Waiting for medal ceremony

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