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Friday 18 November 2005

Family day

Will be reach Ipoh tomorrow morning (Saturday 19 Nov). Stay Ipoh 2D/1N. Got 2 missions to complete.

Mission 1: Get lost in Lost World of Tambun.
Never been in Lost World yet.. but entry fee - yummy.. sembelih!. Already promise to kids about going there. They were jumping see it on TV and keep asking when. Duh! Unfortunately two cars going together and.. sponsor: Taukey kilang moto!

Although my pocket koyak rabak pun... Watching kids jumping around, screaming, playing, running, swimming and etc - Will forget the koyak-rabak-pocket and what to do... better join them laa.

Mission 2: Run away in KRI 10km Road Race.
My second entry. Last year, was ran in fasting month - Meleleh..

Not really aim any target but hoping, i could run less in 45mins. Ramadhan was 2 weeks ago.. but i need to finish my sunat 6 days fasting... so not enough "training" to boost my confident level.

Read my last year report

My bib# this year is D001. Last year B01 - emmm.. my registered number.

Read KRI news update

Hotel? - tidoq kat mesjid kot.

See you at KRI, this sunday.

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