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Tuesday 22 November 2005

KRI 2005: Short news

Pheeew! Can't believe it. A 10km PB and 4++mins faster than KRI 2004. Last year, I was ran on day 3 of fasting month also did a PB which was my first time ran 10km below 50mins - Gumbira betul.

KRI 2005 - also gumbira!

KRI 2004: 49.23min
KRI 2005: 44.42min

 If... I could run like this from beginning to finish line.. bungkus R. Muniandy!

Full report in 2 days more and waiting official result.

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  • Hua.....gaya betul lah...!! Salute !!

    Tahniah !!

    By Blogger Keipo, at 7:42 pm  

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