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Monday 14 November 2005

Report City Run 2005

Just like other run events, but abit different. The route. No wonder, they call it City Run. Runners ran thru a really busy city roads. But.. thanks. It's SUNDAY. Not too congested. Traffic was well monitored by the policemen.

The run start & finish at KOMTAR (Komplek Tun Abdul Razak) the tallest building in South East Asian. Sharp at 7:30am, race flag-off. I still having fun+chating with Chin PG, his friend and an veteran indian from Kulim. The indian fella interested about mp3 player that i'm wearing.

2km, I'm still in easy run mode. Just start intensive training this week since Raya holiday. Not aiming any target and my left left leg still giving abit ache. The runners ran thru Jalan Masjid India.. i guess laa... i don't know the roads name. ..after passing Penang Museum, increased pace a bit.

Mark all women in-front and overtook it, all of them - itu saja yang termampu.. Ganesan & Muniady.. nun hilang dari pandangan.

Focus on running and listen to music. Can't remember where or what roads i'm passing.

5km, was pancit. Looking for inspiration - KOMTAR. Hiding behind those others building.

Once saw it. My adrenalin pump-in. Able to potong most of musuh (not "ketat" yet..) that i know and other runners in-front. Passing Lorong Madras, turn left in-front of KOMTAR and finish line just 400metre.

It was <7+km and i did in 32.24mins. - For me.. OK lah. Not bad for start-up.

Thinking back...
Wake-up early as 4am. Spend an hour riding a motorbike from Bedong to PLUS R&R: Juru. Risk my life crossing PLUS highway to other side of road. Car pool with BM Leopard + Alex to KOMTAR. Run a <10km event. No finisher medal. No lucky draw won. Then ride back to Bedong using main road tengahari lit-lit for an hour. Tau-pau lunch. Did laundry (wife balik kampung - school holiday maah) and flat till 6pm. - Not worth laaa...

Anyway a good running experience in City Run. Hopefully there will be more finisher medals. And thumb-up for post-race drinks + traffic.

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:10 pm  

  • Haris, I was looking for someone snapping photos like crazy but I didn't see you. I also did a very slow run 'cos my knees giving a bit of pain and haven't been running much. Also, I was pacing myself to do 10k so was surprised to turn back to Komtar instead of going to Penang Rd. Still, it was a nice visit to Penang.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:48 am  

  • Kehh..keeehh… funny you. U know what.. I reserved my dig camera memory just to snap pics with you. After finish my run + drinks, went back to finish line for 10mins waiting someone to approach me. I can’t remember your face laaa... Tot you were lost somewhere else to Snake Temple. It’s okay.. got more events next. Sure we meet-up again.

    Hadyai Marathon = Not going. Still mourning of KIM

    Pacesetter 30km?.. = I’ll be there on 22Jan06 @ KL

    How is yr leg?

    By Blogger aharis, at 8:58 am  

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