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Thursday 29 December 2005

Report Larian Aids

Larian Aids / Aids Run organized by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Kedah with conjunction of Aids Day held at Taman Jublee, Sungai Petani on 24 Dec. Same place where the Larian Perbandaran was held last year. I’m still got fear to participate any run event organized by government agency, especially for first time. But.. consider it’s local event (10mins drive), free registration, offer 30 prize, <7km and I know the roads very well - hey! Why not..

Comments on the registration form..
1. Larian AIDS ini terbuka seluruh warga negeri Kedah
- Run event should open to everybody. Regardless of age, gender or where he/she come from.
2. No route map
- They should include route map and measure it properly. Don't just tembak/blindly-estimate
3. Peserta perlu menjawap beberapa soalan sebagai syarat penyertaan, namun ianya tidak menjejaskan pernyertaan.
- Apa nie?..
4. Flag-off time?
- In Registration form said 8am. Promotion form, indicate 7:30-8:30 (Pendaftaran/registration) and no flag-off time mention.

Registration booth to pick-up bib#

Anyway, I reach Taman Jublee at 7:30am with kids and Cikgu. Long queue to register and pick-up bib#. Meet-up and chat with fellow runners from BM, Jitra and Alor Star. R.Muniandy with his flanks also here. Habis laa.. top 3 depa sapu.

Aerobic exercise.

8:30am no sign the race to start. Runners need to perform aerobic exercise for 20mins. With oldies songs and extra-size of instructor. She should join the run after this.

Are you ready?!

Alauddin participate in coloring contest.

9:00am - Flag-off.
Most of runners run like baru lepas kandang. Zoooom! - Clear! Left me behind - Hantu!
500m - depa start jalan. :P

Less 5km. Ceeh. Thought they using Larian Perbandaran route.
Taman Jublee - Army camp - Sekolah Al-Jefri - Masjid - Penghulu Him junction and back to Taman Jublee.

Overtook usual runners. Try to overtake new musuh from Jitra - ceehh laju dia. 1km more, kena potong by senior indian runner. Unable to catch-up. Maintain the pace until finish line.

At finish line

Alhamduliah.. got 10th - top 10!
Najib got 6th. His Jr got 13th in "18yrs and below" category. Good enough for 12yrs old boy.

For 10th position, i got medal with hamper. Then we're hit for lucky draw - Cikgu gumbira receive an umbrella. Actually we want to buy one. - Rezeki.

Medal ceremony and waiting for lucky draw

After medal ceremony, the organized ask all audience to wait for while. A lorry with boxes of lunch is on the way!! - Fulamak free lunch plak.

While waiting for lunch, undergo free health test from Jabatan Kesihatan.
Age: 30
Height: 167
Weight: 61
BMI (Body Mass Index): 21.8
RBS (Random Blood Sugar): 5.8 mmol/L
Blood Pressure: 120/80
Comment: A living sample!

Lunch.. Chicken rice - Gabuih 6boxes. Nasi tambah..

Before went home, i saw boxes of larian AIDS t'shirt - Is it "500 pendaftaran peserta terawal akan menerima hadiah cenderahati"? - heemmm.. they not given.. huh

Anyway - Puashati.
1. Free registered
2. Free breakfast and post-race drinks
3. Target achieved
4. Got Year End Medal
5. Hamper
6. Hit a lucky draw
7. and a free lunch for a family

Then we head to Tupah waterfall.

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