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Thursday 1 December 2005

Report SKN Jerai

Gunung Jerai, the final circuit of Sirkit Kembara Negara (SKN) 2005 was held at Museum Aeracology (MA), Merbok. Runners need to complete 4 circuits, start from Chenuang Mount, Selangor (13/3/05), Angsi Mount, Negeri Sembilan (5/6/05), Tebu Mount, Terengganu (20/8/05) and Jerai Mount. The highest points will be award as Raja Gunung / King of The Mountain.

Start & finish banner

Only registered for Jerai mount with Najib. Alex came. Stayed 2 nights at my house to watch the event.

Friday evening. Pick-up bib# + t'shirt with Najib and attend the briefing.
1. Open category: 18km - 19km
2. Route: River crossing, flat, down hill, climbing, a short tar road and mostly hiking.
3. All route well marked
4. A bottle of water will be given before start. Must hand-over same bottle after finish running. - Keep it green.
4. Flag-off 8:30am. Cut-off time 0100 hour.

Race day
Car pool with Najib, his jr, Alex from my house. Once reach MA at 7:30am.. i forgot my RUNNING SHOES!!! - Bodoh! bangang nak mampos!

Lost >40mins drove back to Bedong. - Najib, reta baru hang memang laju! :P

10mins before flag-off. Quarantine. Roll call. Verify availability. Number of men open category registered, 20+. Rain heavily last night at 2-3am.

8:55am - flag-off.

200meter from startup... river crossing twice - Basah lecun dah kasut.
After 400meter, start climbing. Surprising... i'm still climbing non-stop for 40mins before stop for drinks and take deep breath for a minute.

Jerai trail route, not bored. It's true. Although most of it, is climbing.. but there also flat and down hill. Don't gave a chance. Pecut and potong once see it.

Track was wet and slippery. Sometimes had to grab on existing rope to climb up. Track was well mark by organizer a day before. Ya! That’s the way! Organizer should try the track first... not like Larian Lasak Bukit Larut. They just draw the map.. lepas tu..
"OK.. you all lari ikut map ni. Tergolek, sesat.. nasib hangpa!"

For an hour, i was running + climbing alone. Just follow the mark.

1:26 hour of running - Reach junior check-point (CP)!!.
Got 2 more check points to go - Duh! Ni pun dah nazak.
But.. the scenery.. peeeehh cantek!! and cold some more.

1:38 hour of climbing - Veteran check-point.
Selisih dgn Rosli, Romzi, Supermaniam - Ask Najib, how far to Open CP..
"Jauh lagi.."

1:51 hour - Finally the CP @ Pencawang. Ask for water. Drink half of it. Turn back to same route.

Learnt something while running down. Eyes and legs must be fast. Faster enough to spot where to steps - else you will slide down / tergelonsor. Most experience runners potong sayur while ran down. Najib lost 3rd position and i lost to 3rd winner of women open while ran down.

Half-way more. My water bottle empty after shared with her.
Tekak betul2 kering kontang.

A sign-board... felt like a very2 long ran down journey.

Could heard a music. My waist - in pain. Can't bend-down. Sometimes had to gelongsor.

Heard a river flow. - not far.

Reach Pondok Ranjer.
"Abang ada ayeq tak?"
"Nah! Sambut"
I drink and hands shivering - badly thirsty.

100meter to reach Museum, i ran + shout aloud to Alex and Najib who were waiting. Claps to myself along the way to finish line. And the MC announced my arrival. Could heard applause from people around - TQ

Clocked in 3:22.56 or 1:51.03(up) + 1:31.52(down). Distance 18km+. Position 9th. - Fulamak..

Won a lucky draw.

Tapak kasut dah lekang.

Frankly - i love it! Adventure and trail run. Wish, there will be SKN 2006 next year.

Men Open Result.
Reach time (am). Cut-off time 1pm.
01. Rosli Rumia - 11:08.02am
02. Romzi - 11:18.02
03. 1010 - 11:32.55
04. Najib - 11:34.20
05. 1012 - 11:37.55
06. 1013 - 11:41.02
07. 1016 - 11:49.52
08. 1015 - 11:57.24
09. Haris - 12:17.56
10. 1017 - 12:34.38
11. 1021 - 12:47.01
12. 1020 - 12:48.03
13. 1014 - 12:53.33
14. 1001 - 12:53.35
15. 1018 - 12:55.25
16. 1008 - 12:55.45
17. 1005 - 01:26.08
18. 1003 - 01:26.10
19. DNF
20. DNF
21. DNF

Enjoy the pics..

Muzium Merbok
Map from Musuem to Jerai
Warm up
The Trio
Me, Najib, Najib Jr., Rosli Rumia & Romzi
Group photos. Emm.. kena turun berat
Waiting to flag-off
Trophy Raja Gunung
1st Rosli Rumia
4th Najib
9th Jr Cat. Najib Jr
1st Open women
2nd Open women
3rd Open women
Me.. to finish line
Finally.. selamat
More warm-down
Number berapa?..
Kahhh.. kaaaahhh.. kaaaaaaah
With Datuk Khalid Yunus
Jerai trail
Jerai trail
Jerai trail
Jerai trail
Finish line... nuuunn disana
Kings of the mountain
Before balik.. with Capt. Romzi

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  • Ceh, nampak best betul. Kalau kaki aku OK satu hari nanti, nak juga aku cuba. Tak nak cuba Mt Kinabalu Climbathon ke?

    By Blogger krunner, at 9:33 pm  

  • Rohaizad,

    Meriah la jugak dgn 2 datuk walaupun peserta tak ramai. Dgr nx year nak tambah sirkit lagi.. Kinabalu?.. plan bulan march 2006

    By Blogger aharis, at 1:24 pm  

  • bang...saper james bond tuh?

    007, cayalah!

    By Blogger TriStupe, at 2:27 pm  

  • james bond?..
    Yg ada dlm hutan Gg Jerai cuma jebon ajer keeeh..keehhhh

    By Blogger aharis, at 4:49 pm  

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