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Tuesday 27 December 2005

Report Starwalk at Penang

Morning. At non-competition location.

Starwalk Penang 2005. Sea of Non-competition category. More than 10k.

Walking to start line.

@1km. Struggling and motivated kids to continue walk. Keep talking and playing with them. We were left behind.

@2km. Still having fun. Nearly ran out of inspiration for them. Alauddin start mumbling. So i gave him a camera to snap us. - He was happy for awhile.

@3km. We were far left behind. Alauddin.. don't want to walk anymore. He stop & sat on road divider. KFC or McDonald - also no appetited. Suddenly, he found video cassette ribbon beside him. I tight it into wrist-band. ...and yes!!! he start ran and faster.

We were last. Escorted by Police's 4x4. Cikgu surrender. Ask the policeman in 4x4 for a ride - No!.

Me, Jasmin and Alauddin still having fun. Playing with a ribbon. A least i could cheer him to continue walk and this road were ours'.

@4km. Alauddin really exhausted. Cikgu pun surrender and pity for Alauddin. Then, an ambulance van came. Ask for a ride. Inside - got more walkers.

Load them inside and i continue RUN! to finish line. - Hey! i'm non-competition category... ok!

Having alot of drinks

Post-race drinks

Didn't go for lucky draw inside PISA stadium. Penat kepala-hotak.

You guys.. haaaah! having fun yet??!!

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