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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Training: Week4 March07

Mon: Run. Home <-> Thye Eng. 9k. 41.37. Training-PR.
Tue: X
Wed: Brick. Home <-> Office. Bike-47km (15km TimeTrial 26.55mins) and TrailRun-3.5km.
Thu: X
Fri: Run. Home <-> Thye Eng. 9k. 41.28. Training-PR.
Sat: X
Sun: Bike. Home <-> Alor Star. 117km. Group ride.

The Kaki felt don't want to run. The Kepala-Hotak said "you must go out and run". @6pm Office. I delayed myself from going back home, sudah kena racun from Kaki. Kaki really want to pull-out. Reach home @6:30. Too late already to go out and run, by the time you reach home almost magrib dah.. said The Kaki.

Kepala-Hotak said.. "Plug-in the mp3 player increased the volume. Shut-up and being deaf to Kaki. Just serelom your pegasus."

Half-way @3km. Kaki almost surrender and request me to u-turn.

Kepala-Hotak said "Heard any voice?... Keep on running."

Tekak mencelah "Woit.. lapaq ayeq gila babi. U-turn laa.."

"Keep on running" said Kepala-Hotak again.

..And finally i did a training PB (TPB). Erased a 3 months old timing.
Guess, i doing best when in pain.

After read PCC 15km Time Trial 2007 result from boladuaapi.. i challenge myself for 15km time trial. Start from Office using 33km long-cut route to Home-Bedong.

Did a warm-up cycling for 1km. Start my stopwatch and slowly increased the pace kilobyte-by-kilobyte until at Gurun. Palat! keretapi lalu pulak. Had to stop. Lost 1-2mins. Then continue with fast pace until reach 15km mark @Bedong. Tertunduk aku.. meleleh ayeq idung. From Bedong, continue to Bandar Laguna Merbok, Semeling and back to Bedong with easy pace.

15km Time trial = 26.55

Reach home at 6pm. Weather cantek ala-ala redup nak hujan + berangin. Still early to stop workout. Parked the Trek and changed to running shoes. Trying new trail route thru ladang kelapa barli (sawit), ladang getah, kampong estate and jalan tanah merah. Only 3.5km. I guess.

Again, i erased Monday TPB timing on same situation.

Long ride with Riza and new friend - Mie. Working as bicycle mechanic, Mie said almost 3 months not kayuh. The menu was Sungai Petani <-> Alor Star thru old/main road. 117km.. We kayuh together until reach Taman Hutan Rimba, Alor Star. After that we took so long for breakfast and chat (1:20mins) and by the time want to kayuh back... matahari sudah tinggi. It was really hot day although there were trees on both sides of the road but matahari dok atas kepala.

Nearly to 1pm. Panas. Reached home.. and teruih tidoq bawah garaj. Petang - demam until next day.

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  • fuh.. laju tu!

    betul la.. air hidung, mulut semua meleleh time tuh.. aku pun dah tak ingat apa dah, kayuh jer sekuat hati.

    By Blogger bola2api, at 1:18 pm  

  • Hahaha berlemuih sarong tangan.. jd wiper.

    By Blogger aharis, at 8:37 am  

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