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Saturday 25 August 2007

Report: Larian Jerai

Got no medal or limited medal sold-out is fine. It's sweet+sour in running race but defeated twice to the same person, on same route course who always your sayur on road race and.. more nightmare.. he is veteran. Pap! pap!

I guess he really good in hilly tarmac road course. Able to overtake him twice but he sayur me back tierce. On 3rd time... i was pancit and walking. Unable to chase his slow jog/climbing.

Sure.. One fine day i will sayur him back, on same route.

..Just dengki yang baik. It's telling me to train harder to pukui him back. Hoping that, he celebrates upon sayur me twice and forgot the training. Heheheee.. dengki.

Larian Jerai started at Kaki Gunung Jerai between pekan Guar Chempedak and Gurun. The route cover only 3/4 of total road up to the summit. It's only 9.5km near to Muzium Perhutanan. Probably 3% is flat and runner need to run/jog/walk/climb or merangkak up to finish line on tarmac road - and absolutely NO downhill or descending.

My strategy was to run-slowjog and maintain the pace till finish line, let others overtook me at earlier km. Because it is run-climbing Gunung Jerai not a road race. Sooner or later they will walk-climb and become my sayur.

But it last only 40mins run-slowjog non-stop, another 1/2hour i did walk-run to Muzium Perhutanan.

My strategy did not worked and I wonder how they could run-climb fast.. After talking to top veterans and my observation... They run fast base on counting then walk for a few seconds and run fast again. Jalan lagi.. dengan langkah panjang. Lari laju lagik.

I know i did/finished in comfortable/relax pace not pushing hard enough or tercungap-cungap and the top20 medals already gone when i crossed the finish line. Ceh! Meleleh ayeq liuq nengok medal - Cantek siot!. Tarak rezeki.

I finished in 1:09.55, 5 minutes faster than my Jalan Kaki Gunung Jerai. At least got improvement skit.. jadi lahh.

Guna, Naresh and Supermaniam warming up in chill morning

First race wearing Asics Gel Kayano 13

Kaki Gunung Jerai

With TV3 Explorace team - Guna and Naresh. I remember them racing against Azahari team at Taiping.

Aerobic with Thai pop songs

Getting ready for Gunung Jerai

Flag-off men categories

The climbing start from starting line

One.. two..

Merdeka!.. Merdeka!!

Women categories flag-off

A big suprise when i reach the starting line pepagi buta, i saw a lot of national top/elite runners were warming-up. Open category ada, veteran category ada and women category pon ada... all of them are top/elite runners, always finished 1-2 in any local run events.

This event offered only RM400 and 20 finisher medals... kecik + kampung punya event. Tak kan yang ni pon korang nak sapu jugak. Pi lar target ribu2 punya hadiah. Kasi lar orang slow menang/gumbira skit.

Tengok betapa gumbira nyer stupe.. first time menang cash money @UM Duathlon.

A fews weeks before, i watch one of elite runners on TV camplaining about alot of Kenyan sapu most of the top prize run event in KL. - Wah!.. baguih la kenyan sapu! Boleh la depa duduk rumah batu instead of rumah tanah.

Those local elite should have an altitude skit. Be selective. Ran race with your contender which offer lovely prize to you. Improve yourself. Takat celah gigi tu... kasi pada para pelapes.

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