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Friday 5 December 2008

Report Trikidz 2008

Firstly, thanks to race director for slot-in my kids after registration closed. I request him to put their names on top waiting list as i already promise them to bring jalan2 in KL during school holiday.

Kids already know about this event a month and half before. I challenged them to complete these 3 disciplines sport and i bring them to Zoo Negara as additional prize. Each day they remind me to train them, but i was too busy and came home late. Only during weekend i able to jog/cycling and brought them to swimming pool.

We join local run event and walkathon as preparation/training. I also brought them to Alor Star municipal pool, do some swimming training in standard size pool and simulation in transition area.

A week later Azwar sms me..
"Harris good news. Ada slot. Anak2 ko 2org confirm masuk. Ko leh turun KL dgn gembira"

Fuh! gila babi gumbira. A week i was down. Thinking how to explain no trikidz for them.

Saturday - 29Nov. Trikidz Clinic
After registration. Alauddin+Jasmin join the Trikidz clinic and i join a volunteer briefing. I was assign to assist kids cycling and running at entrance gate.

Alauddin at pool and transition area

Jasmin join the running session.

Sunday - 30Nov. Trikidz Race Day

Preparing the bike, helmet and shoes

Waiting for body marking

Alauddin - B37



Fansuri - Supporting her bro+sis

With cousin - Rizal Amin

Waiting for briefing

A Category - Jasmin.

Category A line-up. Not nice pic. Block by sunlight

Start kicking

Reaching 25meter

Last lap for 50meter

Out of pool. Running to bike area

Transition area. Shoes+helmet

Riding Alauddin's gerek

Potong 4 wheels gerek

Photo by Tey - Thanks

Running to finish line

She got 4th!

B Category - Alauddin

Going for 25meter

Completed Lap1

Going for 50meter - breast stroke

Caiyuk! caiyuk!

Out of pool

Heading to bike transition

Put on shoes+helmet

Ready for 2nd discipline - cycling

He is leading

Sayur the B44

Behind, the B44 just parking the bike

Jasmin, giving a moral support

He still lead the B group. The B44 is chasing behind

Finally the B44 sprint and overtake at finish line. Alauddin miss a champ by mili-second.


Jasmin 4th position. Standing beside 2nd winner

Alauddin 2nd. Miss a yellow jersey

With Ikhlas Ahmad - the defending champion

Family photo. Thanks to Tey

I'm really proud with them. They did very well in their study. Alauddin is top10 student in his class while Jasmin is top student in kindergarten. Both of them study in chinese school - Well done kids..

Click here for official result and here for Trikidz photos.

Visit Kuala Lumpur 2008

Muzuem Negara

Aquaria - KLCC and Tugu Negara

Zoo Negara

Felda Sg. Klah Hot Springs, Sungkai


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