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Monday 17 August 2009

Report Hatyai Nature Run 2009

It was my 2nd times crossed Malaysia-Thailand border after 2005 Padang Besar Mini-Half Marathon and 1st time I ran in Hatyai Nature Run. It was last minute decision. Alex offered me a bus seat after numbers of BM Runners cancel their trip. A 3D2N trip. Saturday pi and Monday balik.

Geng bas sekolah

It was fun+enjoyable trip join by other malay runners such PakYa, Adry, Zamri, a new friend Arif (A Polimas student) and 2 indian guys (Mr.Rama and Mr.Kupu). Seated at back of bus, we were joking and laughing all the way until HatYai.

After 5hours bus ride, we reach HatYai at 1pm. Before heading to registration booth, we stop and had lunch at local restaurant. Fuh! Pekena real thai tomyam with long bean+salt prawn in sweet soy, fried egg and grouper cili souce.. Peh! Meleleh air hidung. Semua licin in a second.

They selling Chiengmai Peanut

Lunch, waiting for tomyam

Next, Prince of Songkla University for registration. Alex registered >50 participation. So it took a few hours to complete. While waiting, i walked around sport apparel stalls nearby. Meet up with PMs members - Guna+Naresh. The organizer also provided free fanta soft drink.
"Grape, strawberry or oren?.."
"All mix in cup"
i said.

15th Natyai Nature Run

Free soft drink and Info booth

Top10 trophy

Looking sport apparel

Registration counter

Reg siap! Sawadikap..

@4pm, registration completed and we heading to our hotel - MayFlower. Near to Lee Garden Hotel. Just walking distance. Flat+tired, I take a nap. I stay a room with Alex.

Hatyai town

Laici kang!


With Alex and Thean Seng

Evening+night we just walked around shopping complex and stalls. Of course we also drop-by to see "fish" in aquarium nearby. But we didn't intend to stay late night because tomorrow i got half to complete. Bought local meal (nasi campur with chicken) from muslim stall and i had dinner in my room.

At starting line. Cikgu Chia and Zamri

10km and 21km route map

Race day
This year, they introduce new route. Still using same first 6km and left-turn into new 5km route. The route is straight and u-turn. New route condition (flat or hills), still puzzle to us especially to avid HatYai Nature Run runners. While warming up i meet-up with another PM members Yaziz+KPTan and also SP Runners - Ruburn and the geng. Kenyan also here - banyak.

First 3km was running thru Hatyai city. Then heading thru local shoplots and taman type housing area. It was 7:15 malaysian time. I was running and passing number of monks and some locals preparing meals and place it in front their house for monks.

No timing target. I just want to run half for tour visit. At 6km i turn left for new route. It was rubber plantation and hutan abit on my left and right. Emm.. nothing interested. No local people or kids cheering for us. Quite bored. Just listen to my mp3 player. But i got entertain in different side - running course. It is silent killer.

After 7km running, i could felt the course gradually or bit by bit increased, slowly... rolling, Rolling, ROLling and ROLLING! argh! until got 2 bukit. Ceh! really2 steep to running. Selisih with Kenyan, they also struggled. Hup! Hap! Hup i heard. I thought this running time will not include in my half timing list. Too much bukit.

Climbing the hill. Banyak orang queue belakang

After u-turn, 53.50mins. My pace drop abit until reach 2 bukit.. it killed me - once. And i had to walk and continue running jogging. Water station was more that enough. Every 2km got 1 station. But they served ice plain water only. Really cold. Until i could felt my urat2 kembang when cold water goes thru it. Try asking for no-ice-plain-water but none. That's another factor i had turn my jogging into walking at 16km.

It was 1:27min@16km, my body jam with cold water. Back to local shoplots and taman type housing area. Still no kids cheering along the route. Still tido ka? I just enjoy myself. Between last 5km it was run, walk, run, walk, walk, walk, run until finish line. Glad i could completed in sub 2 - 1:59.12

There were lot of post race meals awaiting such as fried kuih-teow, moi, fried rice, rambutan, soy bean, chin-chau drinks, watermelon.. what else i miss.. alot. You can eat all of it, all you can and there was no coupon. You can treat lunch.. also can. Fuh! best post race meals i ever had. Anyway... as muslim i just have drinks and fruit only... but geram tengok kuih-teow dia.

After run

Soy bean + Chincau


Thean Seng enjoy tembikai

Fried kuih-teow.. gone in a second

Rice and fried egg

Dapur.. all served in hot

Moi sup

Everybody pakat pulun makan

Finish line

Ketuk gong to balik

With Kak Jenap from Singapore - Geng Chap Ayam Runners

Although thailand running events offer not much cash money prize but they won majority of runners heart in post race meal and categories. That is why most runners kept on running.. right?!..

Baht 149.00, lunch buffet @Lee Garden.

..Karam Singh Walia tak puashati dgn cendoi @LeeGarden

After lunch @33th level, Lee Garden Hotel


3rd day, breakfast with Alex

Roti canai sopan - kerat dengan gunting

@Old market, ronda-ronda

Apa rasa teloq kaler pink?

Nasi briani + lauk. Menarik..


Before balik.. borong mata kucing dia.

Peminat dari hotel


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