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Sunday 12 June 2011

Report: Hatyai Marathon 2011

Date: 29 May 2011
Venue: Jiranakorn Stadium, Hatyai
Distance: 13km
Category: 36~40yrs
Timing: 1:04.56mins

The Hatyai Marathon 2011 gave me so many memories. I went back with smile inside even though a lot $$$ were spend during 3D2N. One of the reasons, the event fall on school holiday. Mostly all running event in Thailand held on Sunday and in Kedah Sunday is working day. For me, tak syiok pi makan angin and running without them - no pom-pom.

2nd, Jasmin and Alauddin decide to join me running in fun run category. What else more happier to me, spending family time and involve in this sport together. We shared our running stories while having hot soy, cold sirap, soft drink and watermelon after finish run.

3rd, 29 May is our wedding anniversary and we took this opportunity to celebrate it by running, swimming, traveling and shopping. What else.. Ya! We found 'lubuk' for hari raya shopping and quite cheap groceries stuffs

And 4th, we will having a new family member - the 4th one is coming.

Day 1 - Ronda2
@8am. From Danok we drove straight to Songkhla passing Hatyai town. Songkhla located 110++km up north from Bukit Kayu Hitam. We got no map or GPS just depend on sign-board. Our first destination - Songkhla Aquarium. Unfortunately it was closed for renovation.. duh! Maybe they asking us to visit Songkhla again :)

Near to Songkhla Aquarium, is Naga Spraying Water. There are 3 parts of Naga sculpture located in Songkhla town. First the Tail, second the body/belly and the Head show-up as Naga Spraying Water. It's looks like the Naga run around Songkhla by showing half of his body and another half in soil.

We had lunch near Naga Spraying Water.

Lunch. Pack from home.

Coconut ice-cream

Torpedo at Naga Spraying Water

Songkhla Museum

Kind of Rumah Tun Mahathir

Alauddin & Fansuri trying kukuq nyior traditionally. Once I was the faster among my siblings

Hands up!

Next we proceed back to Jiranakorn Stadium, Hatyai. I registered 13km in 36~40 category while Jasmin and Alauddin took 4km Fun Run. It was a very hot day. Try to shop some running gears at booth nearby but.. can not tahan - Weather was to hot and Fansuri felt sleepy. So we went to New Season Hotel for check-in. Hotel was nice but quite costly. Next day we changed to Regency Hotel - cheaper and got swimming pool.

Alauddin, Jasmin and Me registered. Cikgu tarik diri.

Gold medal for Marathoner category

Evening, we drove through fly-over of railway to another Hatyai town area which I never been. We found more muslim people, shops and restaurants there. And also street market selling fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken and groceries stuffs. The price quite cheap compare to Old Market in Hatyai town. Maybe because it not tourist attraction and only visit by local people. No english here, just a sign language. We bought 4kg of beras pulut and a kg of lycee.

Eel at street market.

Windows shopping only

Before back to hotel, we had local roti canai served with condensed milk not curry or dal likes in Malaysia and fried kuey teou. Emmm.. sedap gak. We pack another roti canai back to hotel.

Day 2 - Race Day
The aerobic warm-up was energetic. They played local songs and some malay songs from Noraniza Idris album. Five of us join the warm-up and dancing. Before my category flag-off, i told Jasmin and Alauddin to run easy because there no placing prize.
" or slow you'll receive a finisher medal"

With AlexOng, ready to rumble.

Aerobic first

As i mention in Hatyai 2010 report, the route is same like previous. Flat and straight from starting line to 1st. water station. Then left turn - straight. Right turn, straight and U-turn. The water station was adequate. Every 2km. Served plain cold water. But for me i prefer plain water with no ice.

Fun run category line-up


@2km, I ran against the marathon runner leader. He was escorted by pick-up trak. After 4km or passing 2nd water station i ran with Suresh Kumar. We chat abit about route and weather. Then i know Aiman was running in full category. I thought I could meet-up my guest blog writer on the run or maybe run together..

My run was smooth, leg ok, breathing fine and I enjoyed the countryside surrounding except I choose wrong album songs on MP3 player. The album got 8 songs and repeatly playing until i crossed the finish line. Malas nak slow down untuk tukaq lagu and nasib baik lagu pon menarik. Just kept on running..

This time i saw alot of Malaysian runners compare to last year.

Last 2km was tough. To me it was a race against myself. The finish line was visible after sipping water at last water station. Should I ran against time (last year timing) or racing with other runners?

"Hati kata finish line not far - Pederas.. break last year time"
but kepala-hotak sound different.
Huh! tortured..

At finish line Cikgu, Fansuri, Jasmin and Alauddin were waiting for me and captured my finish photo - Yeay!. My time was 1:04.56. Nearly 5mins faster than 2010.



Fun Run finish line


With Brooks Team. Cpt.Rozmi finished 2nd in Full for age category

With Chap Ayam geng at Dayca Fried Chicken

Lunch with kawan sekencing - AlexOng

Cikgu makan utk dua orang

We went to Floating Market - Khlong Hae. A must visit place if in Hatyai. Hehee.. after twice went here.. This is my first visit. Menarik. Selling food on sampan and most of them are halal.

At Floating Market - Khlong Hae

Malam - Hatyai Ice Dome.
Kids were jumping gumbira when I told. Because they saw it on brochure at hotel a day before and begged me bring them to. The entry fee nearly 100baht but in return I saw kids really enjoy and jumping happily. In side, they were sculpture of famous building such as The Torii - a traditional Japanese Gate, Petronas twin tower, Big Ben, Pisa, Merlion and others. All of these made of ice and freeze in -15 degree temp.

Gila sejuk.. -15 celsius

Day 3 - Balik
Wake-up late. Just let the kids sleep more. We have late breakfast with nasi campur near Masjid. Then we went to same street market doing more serious shopping :) bought some fruits such as manggo, pineapple, salak, lycee and nuts. Murah gila. Then we went to local Tesco for cloths. Shop around until 3pm and drove back to Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Ais sagat. Remind me when I was my kid's age. Ais Kepai?

Sedap siut..

Safely reach home 8:30pm - Alhamdulillah tiada aral sepanjang perjalanan.

Smaller than last year


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