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Thursday 1 July 2004

Register Free Webspace

Register a few free webhost and webspace to upload image and link to here ( Seem my company restricted ftp protocol, so another option is to upload thru browser. These webhosts contain image and index files only. Too lazy to revoked web development skill. Sudah dah tinggal lorr..

Register 2 webhosts

1. An image from Snapped at Taiping Lake Garden in 2001. Allaudin was 1 years plus. Pi mengail kat tasik masa Pertandingan Memancing. Tak masuk pun... cuma curi-curi pancing.

2. An image from A photo taken in 1998 at Sungai Petani. Still bachelor that time. Working at home, developed a system for JK Air Kedah Tengah. = 15MB = 50MB
Total webspace = 75MB
Ok.. la tu.

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