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Monday 28 July 2008

Report: Grace Community Funwalk 2008

By Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap

Venue: Taman Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 26th July 2008
Time: 7.30 am

Grace Community Services (GCS) is a charitable non-profit and non-governmental organization that offers various community services that include underprivileged children homes, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, homes for the homeless and destitute women, and unwed mothers, a HIV hospice, and home for the juvenile delinquents. At present, there are more than 2,000 people from various walks of lives that are benefiting from its services through numerous shelters, counseling sessions, and free medical consultation and treatment.

Got to know this event through PACM calender but it was also advertised in Starmetro. There are two distances to choose from - 6km or 9km. I chose the latter. Woke up half an hour later than I had planned to - 6 am. I was a little tired because of prolonged lack of sleep. I only slept for about 4 hours on Wednesday night because I was awakened by my son at 3.30am and stayed awake the whole morning! On Thursday he slept at 8 pm and woke up at 11pm and stayed awake till around 2. I had a good sleep on Friday morning after returning from UMMC because I felt nauseating!

Woke up at half past twelve when my handphone alarm was set for 11 am! My mother was rather unlucky to have a trainee doctor to draw her blood. After seeing her poking on the vein for a few times, I could no longer stand it. I began to feel dizzy and vommiting. I requested for the sister who was on duty to supervise the trainees. She was excellent! Found the vein and drew three tubes of bloods in less than a minute!

I met Mr Yap Kok Sun, a council member of the Malaysian Nature Society. He could not remember me because I had not joined their activities after the arrival of my daughter. He was taking photographs for the event.

Later I met Mr Lee (didn't know his full name), from Puchong. He is a regular walker in walking events. Last week he finished 15 in the MII Walk. I could only beat him if I were fit.

Mr Lee had wanted to join the 6km walk but I persuaded him to take the 9km walk. It was just for a work out. He agreed. Since participants can walk, jog or run, we chose the former. Anyway, the three rounds round the lake was very much under distance. We completed the walk in about 43 minutes. I believe that our pace was between 6 mins 30 secs and 7 minutes. I would not want to go faster than that as I am still recovering. In fact after the MII walk, I rested for two days. Only swam on Wednesday and Thursday at snail's pace.

There were not many people who joined the event. We had a pleasant surprise when we finished 3rd and 4th. I got a prize - a Panasonic cordless phone for the 4th placing. Suppose to be a charity walk, but I had gained more than what I had given - RM30 for the entry fee and the cordless phone is worth RM109!

The Milo van was waiting for us when we finished our walk. After the prize presentation and lucky draw numbers were announced, we were given breakfast inclusive of fruits - the king and queen of the fruits and rambutans! The rambutans were fresh and sweet. I only took two pulps of the durian as I had to rush home, hoping that my two children would still be asleep by the time I reached home.

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