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Wednesday 17 September 2008

Pacemakers Track Meet 2008

General Rules/Regulations
The event is to be held under the specific rules of the PTM 2008 set out herein. The PTM 2008 is hereinafter being referred to as the "Meet".

1.0 The organizer
The PACEMAKERS Group ("the Group")

2.0 The Event
"PACEMAKERS Track Meet 2008 (PTM 2008)" or the "Meet"

3.0 Objectives of the Meet
• To promote the PACEMAKERS Group’s vision to become a premier running group.
• To strengthen the Group presence and awareness among the running community.
• To maintain goodwill among Group members and general public.
• To further encourage Group members to pia kau kau lat and develop their physical fitness via participating in the track events.

4.0 Date of the Meet
6.00 am to 10.30 am, Sunday 21 September, 2008

5.0 Venue of the Meet
• Kampung Pandan Sports Compex, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6.0 Participation
• The Meet is open to all participants of all ages, nationalities and abilities EXCEPT an event i.e. 400m Special, which is for People with Learning Disability
• The Meet Officials reserve the right to reject any entry or entries received without giving any reason and any decision of rejection shall be final.

7.0 Categories
• Men/Women Open: No age classification.
• Men/Women Veteran: 35 years and above.
• Kids Junior : Age below 12 year old

8.0 Health & Fitness
All competitors who take part in the Meet must be medically fit to participate. While every possible step is taken to ensure the safety of the competitors, the Meet Officials will not be responsible for any accident, injuries or death, howsoever caused before, during or after the competition.

9.0 Running bib
• All competitors must wear only the running bib provided during running and must be pinned onto the clothing on the chest. The running bib should not be stitched onto the runner’s clothing. No tampering with the running bib is allowed and any competitor doing so will be disqualified.
• No transfer of competition running bib to another competitor or any other person is allowed. Any such transfer will result in automatic disqualification.
• Glass containers, headsets, headphones are strictly prohibited.
• Competitors are not allowed to run with a bare torso and nudity or indecent exposure is STICTLY PHOHIBITED.

10.0 Reporting Time
• All competitors in the Meet must report to the Race Officials at the designated place beginning at 6.30 am 21 September, 2008.
• All competitors will be called by the Meet Officials to the designated start line 5 minutes before the scheduled start-time or at a time at the discretion of the Meet Officials. Any competitor who fails to report on time and/or does not have the properly issued running bib will not be allowed to start the event, and is considered to have been voluntarily withdrawing from the Meet.
• An event may be cancelled if there are fewer than three entries as at the official closing time.

11.0 Determination of Winners
• All competitors must START at the designated Start line, failing to start the competitor is considered voluntarily withdrawing from the competition. For the purpose of the determination of the winners, an advanced hand-timed system will be used.
• Subject to any penalty or disqualification - such as jostling, obstruction or interpersonal act of aggression by one competitor against another aimed at impeding his/her progress, crossing over into another competitor’s lane - shall be liable for disqualification. Also, any competitor found with a pacer will be liable for disqualification.
• In the event of more than one competitor appeared to have finished the race with the same time, a digitally satellite photo-shot will be used as the basis to determine the winner.
• All competitors are required to wear proper attire when attending the Trophy Presentation ceremony scheduled at 9.30 am or at a later time, at the discretion of Race Officials.

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