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Thursday 5 February 2009

Report 3rd Aquathlon Championship

By Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap

Event: 3rd Aquathlon Championship 2009@ JSKL
Venue: JSKL (The Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur) West Pool & West Field,
Saujana Resort Section U2, Shah Alam
Date : 31st January 2009

Aiman participated in Category E (swim 630m and run 4500m)

This is my first event of the year. I decided to take part because I did not plan to go anywhere during the long Chinese New Year break. I needed to have some form of exercise to unwind. It had been very tiring for me working in January! I supposed to take part in a similar event last year in November but I think Mr Inoue had forgotten to confirm my participation.

I was quite shock to receive the result from him, giving me a DNS! This time around, I get a confirmation for him the following day after I mailed him my entry. I was excited as this would be my first ever 'duathlon' or 'biathlon'.I was early on competition day since I had more than enough rest for the Chinese New Year break. I reached the JSKL by 7.20 a.m. but was told to park the vehicle by the roadside by the security guard. I was impressed with the school - big and clean.

The organisers took us to check out the route and the first event started a bit later than scheduled. I asked Mr Iwata if I could change my original lane - 19 to 30 but he told me to keep to my lane. It was a little narrow and I did not want to kick any one! I asked the lady who was supposed to count my laps and finally someone said it was okay to go to lane 30. I thought only 27 were taking part but actually all the lanes were used! Ah, it did not matter to me because I knew I would be among the last anyway. There is no way that breast stroke can compete with front crawl.

I was nervous at the start and I started too fast. After completing 84metres (the pool width is 21 metres) I was very out of breadth. Water seeping into my goggles and the loose strap of my watch compounded my trouble! I stopped to fix my googles and continued. I had lost count of the laps that I had done later on. That showed how exhaused I was.

It took me quite some time to get into my optimum performance. The start had unsettled everything. I even felt like having tight muscles on my arms and calves. Luckily, I survived the swimming part which was only 630 metres. I could hardly hauled myself up the pool after the swim. I think I lost a lot of time changing into my running gear. I was too tired to think straight.

After getting ready for the run, I took my drink and off I went. Running is certainly more comfortable. If I were to over exert my self, at least I could have a slow jog and catch my breadth. Swimming? Could have drowned in the pool!

After about a kilometre of running I had become more steady and I think I could managed to run at 5 mins 30 secs pace. It was a relief that I was not the last person to cross the finishing line. So my target of getting 2 from the back was successfully achieved. The official result showed that I was 16th but I think it should be 17th or more because there was a full house for the 30 lanes!

My time of 42mins 57secs was very good to me. It was better than I had expected if the running distance was accurate (1.5km per lap). I had calculated achievable target of swimming at 3 mins per 100metres and running at 5.5mins per km. That would come to 18 mins 54 secs and 24 mins 45secs for swimming and running respectively. The total time would be 43mins 39 secs not taking into consideration of the transition time.

I thought I could include this event in my calender but was sad to receive news that Mr Inoue would be returning to Japan in March and this event may no longer be made available in future. I must say that this is a well organized event and a fun event to be associated with especially those with family because it includes all ages and no restriction on the style of swimming!

There were abundance of lucky draw gifts and I took home Japanese ricecrackers and 'preserved fish fillet'.

The only complaint that I have is with the participants/visitors. I went to the toilet twice to find that it was not flushed although everthing is working. There is no way we can keep the public toilet clean if the attitude of the users is not changed. Is it the duty of the cleaner to help to flush the toilet or is it the responsibility of the user to do so?

Click here for full result of 3rd Aquathlon Championship 2009

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