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Thursday 7 June 2012

Report: 26th Malaysian Open Masters Athletics Championsips

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 2-3 J une2012
Venue: National Sports Council Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Time: about 10.00 a.m
Event: 5 000m Walk
Category M40 | Position: 1st | Time:37mins 38secs

First competitive walk after stroke. Gold medal? Yes… a complimentary medal. I was the only walker in my age group. My wife was a little worried but I convinced her that I was not going for the timing nor the positions. My target was just to complete the walk in 45 minutes.

I must thanked my family for their support. My son had walked with me thrice... 2.1km prior to the event. My daughter did once… Just a leisurely walk of about 25 minutes.

I swam for 30 minutes on Wednesday and 45 minutes on Thursday. It was a leisurely pace. I felt good and did not have problems. That was why I was confident to complete the walk. On Friday I walked 4.2km with my son.

LapTimeTime Total
0101:30.51 01:30.51
0202:56.83 04:27.34
0302:49.19 07:16.53
0402:55.31 10:11.84
0503:02.16 13:14.00
0603:07.87 16:17.86
0703:10.08 19:23.74
0802:56.81 22:20.55
0903:03.55 25:24.10
1003:10.11 28:34.21
1103:05.00 31:39.21
1203:01.06 34:40.27
1302:57.70 37:37.97

Time: 4.00 p.m
Event: 5 000m
Category M40 | Position: 3rd | Time:27mins 33secs

Bronze medal for my first competitive run? Yes… like the day before it was also a complimentary medal.

Unlike the walk, I was not as confident as running is more competitive me.  I told my wife that I would give up if I was left too far behind after two laps. Mr Jesmail Singh wished me luck before the race and I told him the same...

I may stop if other runners were too fast. He made it a point that completing the race is far more important than competiting in the race. I certainly agree with him but then I was too slow, it would affect the programme for the following events.

I was lucky because I could keep pace with the second last runner. Completed the first 200m about 30m behind. The distance went to about 50m going into the second lap. I made up my mind not to abandon the race as I could cope with the pace. Let it be even if I finish close to two laps behind.

I guessed before I could complete the 1,000m I was already lapped by Cpl Shaharuddin, my student's 'sifu'. I think I avoided the last position with 6 laps to go.

0100:53.10 00:53.10
0201:53.30 02:46.40
0301:58.33 04:44.73
0402:02.22 06:46.95
0502:07.14 08:54.09
0602:00.24 10:54.33
0702:07.14 12:56.58
0802:08.33 15:04.91
0902:17.61 17:22.52
1002:16.70 19:39.22
1102:31.61 22:10.83
1202:42.88 24:53.71
1302:39.07 27:32.78

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  • Stroke?! Hope all's well now. Always enjoy reading your reports. Take care.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:36 pm  

  • Thanks for your concern. Still in the process of recovering. I glad that you enjoy reading my race reports.

    Aiman Cheah

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:21 pm  

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