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Thursday 23 May 2013

JSP City Run 2013

Date: 25 August 2013 | Sunday | 7:30am
Venue: Jit Sin Ind. High School, Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Distance: 10km (men) and 8km (women)

Medal for top30 and 2 categories only.

Detail and registration form in my G-drive.

..from Alex Ong - Tok Penghulu Kg Bukit Mertajam

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  • jsp run for sale - man open - T size M

    By Blogger Unknown, at 4:56 pm  

  • Mann2,

    Still avail? bib# and t'shirt...
    I will create new post for this..

    By Blogger aharis, at 1:11 pm  

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