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Thursday 30 September 2004

Website/log promotion

Just tracking the visitor on my website.. and found someone had post a forum at taipeimarathon and maybe promoted our running weblog/website... as i couldn't understand computer char in that forum.

Glad to know that our weblog had be viewed thru out the world. As a beginner runner in Gurun, Kedah, I just start running 3 years ago around taman alone as recreation run. Do 2-3km per day.. Everybody looks at me like stranger, like never see people running before.

And one day i found, penguin, tofu, and others. These websites full of running stories/reports, training and events shedule that help/give me a motivation to participate in running event. And now i'm running addict and still running alone like lonerunner (are u?)

So guys keep-on update yr website.. for those who don't have one.. register & write up some blog.. (it's free!)

Who knows maybe your weblog will be inspire to someone, who want to turn to running because of health problem or your stories.

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