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Tuesday 5 October 2004

New runners in Sungai Petani town!

Got new runners in my group for Larian Perbandaran in Sungai Petani this coming saturday. Will register their name today at Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani (MPSPK).

One of the runners, she is house wife. Been trained to get a stamina to do a umrah and haj in next couple of years. What make she really excited to join this coming run event is lucky draw!.

Another one, he had been trained for disciplinary work since youth age. He was retired of Polis Hutan in 1980 and last service was in Sungai Petani, nowdays that land had been convert to Hyper Market (TESCO). During spare time in the morning before taking care of his mangosteen fruits plant (about 1 hectar, consist of jack-fruit, buah ciku, rambutan and etc), he frequencly do a slow jog and cycling. He had convert MTB into road bike. Install 2 side mirrors on handle bar and got bell. He's eager to join me on IPBR 2004, but it was cancelled.

So proudly to present my two new runners, who will run with me in Larian Perbandaran in Sungai Petani on 9 October 2004 in 5km, for Veteran category, for the first time ever enter run event, Who are really mean for me... my Ayah & Mom!...

gosh! i couldn't believe it.. after they had heard my running stories.. travel to Ipoh, Kangar & KL... just for the run, sometimes there were no medal & cert in return and still they know i'm on the run.. they were inspired!

My target for this 12km Larian Perbandaran..
1. Finish below 1 hours
2. Be a top 20 runners
3. Cheers up two new runners

P/S: Need to find camera.. i'm looking for digital Nikon 3200. Anybody got experienced with it?

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