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Monday 11 October 2004

Report: Larian Perbandaran

Banner Larian Perbandaran
Again.. Woohooo! Another run within target, what else I could rock in SP that morning.. my running was achieved target, to run below 1 hour and top 20 finishers. As a bonus.. i got a second medal (only for 1 - 20th finisher) for 2004 collection. Gosh! what a run!

Reach Taman Jubli Perak with whole family Ayah, mak and my family at 6:30am, it was dark as alot of trees and no lamp post there... and plus the morning rain like kucing & anjing since last night. My home to Taman Jubli is about 15mins driving. Most of the runners and school kids were there but still no batang hidung of organizer.. They just build-up a few empty tents which we used to stay awhile from rain.

The run start late, after 7:30 as the organizer sampai and kalut fix & setting up a few things... and fortunately the rain stop at 7:20. Get prepared & change to running suit. Meet-up some familiar faces from local runners. You know laa.. if you running in a few local run events.. you noticed and meet same faces. I meet up and chat two runner who were running with me in Cafe21, Larian Menara & Bendang Power (Mr Teoh & Hassan).

7:40..Bang! Off, the senior category first. I ran with Mr. Teoh (Hassan in Veteran Category).. we chat abit and he's planning to to organise running event with Rukun Tetangga in his Taman. Anyway he beat me twice in Cafe21 & Cinta Sayang Jogathon.

Bang! Off the Senior Cat. Bang! Off the Veteran Cat. Ayah & Mak on the run! Bang! Off the Youth Cat. Bang! Off the School kids Cat.

My runing plan.. slow jog for first 1km, fast pace as I could for next km and maintain and i don't want to take a look at my stopwatch as i too pressured for last 2 days to run within target. Badly want to run below target.

1km.. a few runners had already walk... good! speed-up more and left Mr. Teoh.. so malu betul he's old than me. He confirm to go for Singapore Marathon (SGM) in December. For me, SGM next year.. wanna go honeymoon + running in P.Langkawi a week before SGM

6km, already potong alot of sayurs plus the last, one who's peeing beside road. 10mins run.. that guy run beside me... wah! so fast he peeing and runing.. so to make him slow-down.. i said..

"Hi, where u from?"

and we start chat until 1km. He is from Ipoh! Came last night and stay with his friend's house.. huh! from Ipoh just to run in this small event!...

Sometimes.. core runners are unpredictable, they will go anywhere just to run! Winning is not target.. but it is a bonus. He convinced me to join KRI in Ipoh next week and run with him... I said "Can not laa.. already masuk fasting month".

Third checkpoint in-front of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sg Layar. He was far a head with one junior guy category and i ask what position i am...

"Saya no. berapa..bang?"
"Hah?!! betoi ka?"
"Ada lagi bang!... baru 15th"..

fuh! aura sudah datang.. hikmat pedang 23 (Pedang Sitiawan - from Comic book) akan diguna!.. i was run alone, nobody can be see behind me.. may be i'm too fast! hahahaaaa... so speed abit and just maintain the pace..

Along the way i cheer-up some runners (different category laa.. kalau same kena pangkah la) org tua2.. and especially primary sekolah kids.. and i slow down and run with them for while for 200 metre a. After that speed-up more... then one of them run with same pace with me... Wow! (girls!.. i tell you) and she give-up after 300 metre...
"Tak larat.. bang!"
"Orait... Jalan laa"

So continue run.. it was 1.5km more to finish line.. i still don't want to know my timing yet.. by-pass Sekolah Ibrahim, Father Barre, Sungai Petani Inn and cross junction (SP Plaza & Masjid Sg. Petani) the finish line can be see not far ahead.

The true fans

Then, take alook on stopwatch.. 58mins!!.. Full speed! and my wife and kids waiting me on roadside at finish line... turbo boost!..

Hah! 58mins ka?! Tekan butang turbo!

Hiiiiyaaaaaaahh! past the finish line in 59:11mins.. and received S15 card.. which means S category and 15th place... Wuuhooooo!!! my both target.. achieved!.. I was so excited! and show the card to my wife.

Yeah!! Finishing line! here i come.. Babe.. I'm got 15th.. heheee

Ayah & Mak tak sampai lagi... so i ahead to drink station. They gave ayeq assam! and roti bun. Ingat Milo!. Then get the cert and register my 15th place. Wait for Ayah & mak for 20mins... tak sampai lagi.. so i went chit chat with other runners..

And i lost my Ayah & mak crossing finish line moments... arghh!! tepuk dahi! pap! pap!.
"Hang register ayah & mak berapa km?"
"Depa kata 10km laa..."
"Hah!.. ya kaa...jadi, 10km macam mana?"
"Letih laaa..."

Aparaa.. ayeq habih nasib baik ada spare! Cawan habih.. minum dalam botol ayeq assam Family runners Bukak/serah bib# utk dapat cert

5km only for primary school (miss info), anyway they enjoy the walk. May be the last group finisher of 10km. Their kaki and jari kaki look fine.. They so excited and ask me to print their name on cert quickly.. and want to frame it at Kampung.

Miss a medal ceremony.. kat reta.. jadi lah!Another tepuk dahi..pap! pap!.. i miss the medal ceremony as my kids sakit perut nak berak! so i had to bring them to masjid near-by.. and the rain start pouring down like kucing and anjing rottweiler. Can't wait until cabutan bertuah.. kids and shirts all basah kuyup and forget to bring towel..

Lastly, comments from my Ayah at Restoran Nasi Kandar for breakfast
1. Patut pihak MPSP pasang lampu pagi tadi.
2. Tak ada tandas bergerak. (Me also got same problem before run. 4x)
3. Food and drink not enough!
4. The finish line committee should wait until last participant cross the finish line before packing. This will give/feel them high recognition and pride as a finisher.

Some pics on Larian Perbandaran Sg Petani 2004

The Finish Line Hiiiyaaahh
Old is Gold
Barefoot kids!
Barefoot runner!
My dream run, with my kids
Water station, finisher & cert registration and VIP tent
Abdul Haris Shariff!..1, 2, & 3.. dia tak dak laa.. kita bagi kat org lain boleh?


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