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Monday, 29 November 2004

The Ku Cheng Tse Temple Charity Run

A new year running event will be held in Butterworth, Pulau Pinang. Road distance cover 8km and a must be participate run event because medal and certificate will be given those who finished within 1 1/2 hour. T'shirt also got and registratin fee RM 20 (huh! mahai jugak.... but for medal hunters, this is an opening medal for a new year)

Got 4 categories..
Men Open (17-40yr)
Men Veteran (41 above)
Women Open (17-40yr)
Women Veteran (41 above)
A gift will be given to 1st - 5th for each category

Details and form can be download at Events and Forms section.

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  • Hi Haris... I am still very green on this blogger stuff. I came across Blogger last week but found your blogspot this evening.
    Nice site. Keep it up. :)

    It was the very 1st Charity Run organised by the Ku Cheng Tse Temple (Seberang Jaya). There was a 5-minute delay in starting because we were waiting for the YB to turn up but he didn't.

    Anyway, as it was a first for the temple, there were of course, hiccups....but all in all, I think it wasn't so bad. :P

    I cannot remember the names of all winners but I know that in the Men's Open, the first 3 winners were Indians. One of them was K.Muniandy (3rd place, I think). 4th place went to Mohd.Rosdi Bin Mohd.Isa while 5th place went to Alex Ong.
    (a friend of yours?)

    The first runner returned in only 15 minutes. The expected time was 25 mins. There was a route detour which somehow shortened the distance.

    The girls who were in charge of handing over the medals and certificates panicked as they, and everyone else, were caught unprepared while I looked

    All runners (walkers too, hehe) returned within an hour or a little so.

    Well, the RM20 registration fee wasn't that bad, now, was it? Considering you did get the medal and certificate, along with a t-shirt?

    After all, it was for charity. Besides, part of the proceeds went to the Tsunami Relief Fund (RM5,000), so all participants did contribute to the fund.

    Thankyou for your participation too.
    I wish you all the best in your future medal-huntings.


    By Blogger Sandra, at 11:52 pm  

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