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Tuesday 23 November 2004

Raya report

Friday 12/11 @ Sg Bakap
First time, i ran in my kampung (Sg. Baong) never did before since childhood. Look at at my timex, 5:50pm, weather looks fine not too sunny so grab my track bottom and shoe from car's bonet.

Near by at my kampung, got light industrial area (SMI). There were 6 small factory buildings. Ran around the industrial area.. before, i don't know there are furniture, packing factory.. kampung ulu pun rupanya ada kawasan kilang.

Then, ran straight to Relau (not Relau @ Penang Island). Relau is in Kedah state.. so i ran from Penang to Kedah!..hahaaaa..

Along the way, people were buzy preparing for Raya celebration.. bakar lemang.. kids, playing with mercun. Houses compound full of cars.. anak-anak balik kampung. Tonight an announcement will be air on TV whether Raya Aidilfitri tommorrow or Sunday. Hopefully, it's on Sunday.. or else tonight need to rush back to Taiping.

Half way, check my time.. 6:30pm.. so u turn and ran back home to buka puasa

Total running time: 35min
Distance: ?

Saturday 13/11, 6:10pm @ Taiping
Argh!!! just ran 1 round of Taiping Lake Garden.. the rain start pouring. Thought it's only cats rain.. later dogs coming!.. arg!! it was rain like cats and dogs laaa... got no place to hide. Run faster then menyorok under papan gelonsor bebudak near-by the road.

Time was 6:45pm... huh! kena balik ni.. keciwa betul my t'shirt wet with raindrop not my sweat.

Total running time: ?
Distance: 3.5km.

Sunday 14/11 - Wednesday 17/11
Raya sakan!!.. balun habis! ketupat, lemang, lontong, dodol, rendang, baulu, batang buruk, semperit.. apalagi hah!... everything except stone & wood! semua makan..

1st day raya.. went to En. Zulkifli Jaini house at Air Kuning, Taiping... Gosh!! his house full of run medals.. event banners all over the wall.. Cert? not to mention.. penuh kat dinding rumah!. Baju raya?.. no need laa.. pi sembahyang raya pakai baju Ipoh KRI 10k. He was retired army, got 2nd place on last year KRI. Last KRI able to finished on 8th. Damn! fast and still continue his fasting. He will be stay/join run with me and other SP runnners for Metro Run (27/11) and Penang Relay (28/11).

Thursday 18/11 @ Bedong
4 days struggling with Raya foods and fats... think perut & weight pun sudah bertambah.. 6pm, slow jog from home to/back Semeling junction

Running time: 43.25mins
Distance: 8km

Sunday 19/11 @ Taman Jublee
On friday received a call from Mr. Teoh, asking to join his runners group weekly long distance run. At first, i was too scared to do long run seem the fasting month just over, a month not doing long run, did only 1-0 day/week. The longest distance i did during puasa was only 8km only. Thinking.. that was 2nd call from him, invite me to do group running (the first one during deepavali).. so i accept, join the group on sunday morning..

"So u nak lari berapa jauh.. 28k or 36k"
"gulp! gosh!.. 12k tak ade ka?.. mati laa.. paling jauh aku lari pun 25k.. ni baru lepas bulan posa.. training tak buat lagi... hah! sudah mampos!" deep inside voice laa...
"errr.. 28k.. air ada ka?
"Ada.. after run, we will discuss Penang Relay. who will run which stage"

Saturday evening received a call from him again.. 28k cancel. They will run 24k.
Nasib baik...
He will be run for 36k training for SG Marathon, just around the corner.

5:30am Reach Taman Jublee, got 2 runners waiting for me. Both of them 40+. Ones named Tew another one forgot laa.. Start run at 6pm after Subuh pray. The route cover Taman Jublee - Tmn Dahlia - Kg Che Bema - Sg Merbok bridge - Semeling - Kg semeling - Sg Merbok bridge - Sg Layar - Sg Jagung - Tmn Dahlia - Taman Jublee.

As first time, meet-up... we chat & laughing together for 5km.. then saving some energy for run instead for laughing. It still dark/cold/peacefully/clear (can see lot of stars) morning and no road light, luckily both of them wearing white vest. I ran between them. Run early in the morning memang best, remind me of Penang Bridge Run (PBR)... while running in the middle of the bridge... Don't know how write to describe the moments.. you should try laa.. (those who never do PBR). But the hard part running early in the morning.... kena wake-up early...

At 8km, reach Merbok bridge.. Mr. Tew show water station location. Got 4 cans of 100plus in plastic bag beside road divider. Continue run, save that drinks after return from Semeling.

10km, reach pekan Semeling.. and we past each other (Mr. Teoh and another guy, they did 36k run until Tupah). End of pekan Semeling, pusing2 jalan kampung inside Semeling and exit at Semeling Wet Market. Continue run until Merbok Bridge.

Reach water station, wrap powergel (likes lemon flavour) and refuel.

Last night, baru sedar, no wonder laa.. powerbar station at KRI selling cheap powergels... nearly expired date. Hantu betul! bought 4 lemon powergel and will be expired 24Nov2004... Cilakak! esok mati!.. Hopefully at Penang 12H walk (14Jan05), my stomach do not give any problem as i plan to use all of it.

After refuel, feel like like theincredibles... so after know their secretly route so... turbo a bit.. left about 100m.. Arg! kena buang minyak lebih plak... Lorry tyre jadi mangsa... heheheee...

Continue run until Sg Layar, we split. Other runner takes short cut to Taman Jublee which is total route is 18km. I & Mr. Tew take another route... additional of 6km to Taman Jublee. Run together... until, can't tahan panas matahari.. (it was 8am) so i turbo at last 4km left Mr Tew behind.

Finished 24km run at Taman Jublee with 2:21:32... huh! lega... but sakit kaki... laa..

p/s: Raya pics... damn!! my digital Nikon 3200 rosak.. Keluar "LEN ERROR" message after came back from kampung. Luckily under warranty. Takes a month for repair service.

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