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Tuesday 30 November 2004

Report: Jogathon Metro 2004

Organizer: Hospital Pakar Metro
Venue: Hospital Pakar Metro, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Date and distance: 27 Nov04, 11km

Friday 26/11/2004 @ 6:10pm
Pick-up Mr. Zulkifli Jaini (Zul) from Taiping at Sungai Petani bus station. Getting know each other thru this website and he give a me call to introduce himself a month before Raya. This sifu, called by his running friends around Perak had been running more than 15 years will join me in Jogathon Metro and Penang Relay.

Went to Metro hospital to pick-up bib# and t'shirts. Afterward we went to ronda and check route running. It's cover, Taman Ria Jaya industrial Park - Highway AmanJaya - JPJ junction - Maktab Perguruan Sultan Idris (MPSI). Takes about 11.5km.

My right leg still hurt after over run training on last sunday. Hopefully tomorrow could recover abit. This is my first race for Jogathon Metro also after a month of fasting. Unable to do run training since last Sunday disaster.

Jogathon Metro 2004

Saturday @ Race Day
Reach Metro hospital at 7am with whole family, kids still asleep. So shock, most of veteran runners there know him. They chat and said hi each other.. betul laa.. mamat ni famous betul!. Introduce Zul to Mr Teoh and other SP runner members for Penang Relay.

Sg Layar runner.. Najib. #2 in Men Open
Senamrobik plak.. 1..2..3.. lompat katak Warm-up True fan.. Good morning! kids..

Before race, we need to do aerobic exercise for warm-up. I put alot Sloan cream at right leg to give a warm and to ease the ache. 7:50am flay-off, 20 minutes late from schedule. No timing target set, seem never do 11km race yet but i want to finished it in less than 15 position.

Go Left Go Left

i think this run... is horrible for me.. feel that i been running sooo far before saw the 3km mark beside road.
"Hah! baru sampai 3km ka!"
Can see Zul far in front, about 400meter, wearing orange color vest.

After reach this mark.. feel really tired already. My leg want to stop running and continue to walk but my mind.. keep on pushing to run.
"Go haris! you're half way now... rest later"

Lot of runners pass me, most of them veteran runner... who cares!.. then 2 guys same category pass me.. erk!!.. one chinese from penang another is local indian.. could not follow them. Later 2 makcik from women veteran potong aku!! huih!..
"Let it go... maintain your pace"

Increase the pace abit. At this mark, run pass Maktab Perguruan Sultan Abdul Halim. able to potong 2 makcik. The chinese from Penang just 200meter, look like he got stomach problem..

Increase the pace abit opposite road and able to potong the Chinese guy. Left another one indian runner (same category) about 50meter infront.
“Go! Haris go! You can do it!”

Maintain the pace and able to catch-up with him after pass 11km mark, finishing line is just 400meter more. We're running together, looking at him, he also got same problem with chinese guy... he keep on holding his stomach.

I know i can potong him, but i wanna keep my last turbo, That time also, i know he did not realise that i was run behind him. I wanna use my last turbo at 50meter to surprised him..

80meter more... got one army guy shout from up-hilly...
"Ada lagi satu hadiah lagi...cepat"
The prize (hamper) provide only for position 1st to 6th only for all category... and no medal.. kedekut!

Ark!.. Cilakak mamat army nie... make that indian guy automatically change his gear to turbo mode faster. So quickly i also change to turbo mode to chase him.. 40 meter before finish line was hilly abit.. we run together side by side for another 30meter. Feel that my heart did not provide me enough Oxygen... and finally at finish line..

I'm lost!.. no more position card for me…

Crossing finish line.. my right leg sudah lembik already... sempat find for grass ground... and tumbang! Then medic came pick me up and force me to walk...

Glad i could finished after a lot of mind games during the run and see my family waving and kids run toward me.... a relieve!

Zul potong sayur dekat bukit

Zul also got 7th position, but he is king of hill, able to potong 3 runners in same category at 50 meter to finish line. Both of us go home empty hand, miss last hamper and also unlucky for lucky draw but we having a good ice-cream moments with mineral drinks, roti gardenia and milk powder drinks.. arkkk!!... provide by Hospital Metro.

Hoping for lucky draw..

1. They should give a medal not hamper.. 30 minute makan hamper then habis no more Jogathon Metro winning memorable...
2. Route.. not to congested with cars and supervise by policemen.
3. Got enough water stations (3). I stop and get drinks each station.

Anyway, my running target achieved, finished in 7th that make me satisfied and set new PR for 11km race. Later in evening, we spend time together with my family having teh tarik at Tanjung Dawai. Enjoy the sunset and play with my kids at seashore.

Zulkifli...Sunset at Tanjung Dawai

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