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Wednesday 3 November 2004

Run at Tasik Shah Alam

Sunday 10:30pm:
Received a call from my groupmate, remind me about going to Shah Alam tomorrow. Arrgg! i thought on wednesday, Luckly he call to remind as we will go by car pool. Got pack after sahur.

We need to do a presentation to Board of Directors at HQ regarding ideas and planning to improve company performance. After 3months of study, we come out with ideas and recommend solutions and planning. And before implementation, need to seek directors & committee approval because some of the ideas need investment.

Monday 1th Nov04:
Reach Shah Alam at 2:30pm, check-in Quality Hotel, get rest and it was raining outside.. Plan to do slow jog at Taman Tasik Shah Alam.

5:30 - Still rain...
6:00 - Rain stop, bought food for buka puasa at Kompleks PKNS
6:20 - Yeeahaaa...
6:50 - Run back to hotel
7:05 - Buka poasa.. Alhamduliah

As it's first time running in Taman Tasik... Huh! really fun.. Cuaca pun still a little dark and cold after raining. Do warm-up a bit in-front hotel for 5mins... then run to Wet World (i guess laa) pusing 2 round there.. then run cross to other lake which got Restaurant terapung (don't what name).

Then tawaf 1 round at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin. Lari around tasik memang best, make me forgot everything, enjoy the scenery and remind me when i use to be to run around tasik like this at Jitra. That time my sister in-law stay there to finish her study in UUM. 6:40pm, time to buka puasa so turbo back to hotel.

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