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Monday 6 December 2004

Get prepare!

Due to my right leg still under recovery, decide to tarik diri from Jelutong Run and Starwalk. Its’s no point to run with injured leg. Will make it worst.

Think, I already had a fun run before.. all the previous run were fun.. but I want more fun by run and race against target.

Last week, I miss Jelutong Run and may be next week at StarWalk.. again, I could not make it. Already registered for 10km competition category but on the same date, got another important commitment for my Taman community. Can not meng’ular ‘ anymore. Arrkk… rugi betul.. Lots of goodies and lucky draw.

So my next run race, will KWYP on 19th December. Pesta Run also cancel, will divert to Valdor run as a closing run event in 2004. New year, 2005 will run for Temple Run and get prepare for 12 Hour Walk at Padang Kota, Penang.

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