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Monday 6 December 2004

Larian Valdor 2004

Last week, i cancelled my Pesta Run entry and decide to run at Larian Valdor 2004. It's nearby to my kampung Sg. Bakap, takes only 15mins of driving and offer more medals..

Who know may be, i could meet some old school friends and getting know new running friends from Sg. Bakap... err.. Sg. Baong acctually (kampung ulu.. kang bagitau Sg. Baong tak tau... Sg Bakap tau... sama la tu). Anyway lama tak balik kampung.

Finisher within 90mins got cert. 3 prizes for school, those send the most students entry. 50 lucky draw to be win. 250 finisher medals. Got 7 categories, 4 for mens and 3 for womens and may be there are no cash prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Refer to Events and Forms section for details.

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