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Thursday 2 December 2004

Report: Penang Relay

This run event need 1 team consist of 15 runners including 3 reserve runners as a backup to run around Penang Island. There were 10 teams registered. My team was registered under SP Runners and another 1 team also from Sungai Petani.

Start & Finish line at Padang Kota, Penang

Start and finish point at Padang Kota. Reach Padang Kota with Zul and my family at 6:30am.. quickly pick-up our run equipment as buses already waiting for us to send runners to drop point. There were 3 buses, i take B label bus which will drop us at point no. 5, 6 and 7.

I choose to run stage 7, from Sg. Rusa to Sg. Pinang. The route cover appropriately 6km. Tew and Ah Soon will run at stage 5 and 6. Zul, he will run stage 10 from Batu Ferringi to Tanjung Tokong.

Before, early morning after wake-up, My right leg really hurts.. jalan macam kuda kena tembak. Told Zul, i want to pull out and let the reserve runners.
"eh jgn laa.. kita nak pi ni.. nanti rugi hang"
while driving, i decide to give up and pass to reserve runners.

while in the bus talking us to drop point ask mr Tew..
"Mana reserve runners?"
"Mana ada reserver runner... tarak datang"
"Arrrk!!! mampos!.. "
raba cari Sloan Cream...

At drop point #7 Sg. Rusa @ 7:30am
Meet the indian guy which run and won #6th in Jogathon Metro yesterday.. He approach me as i did not know him. Oooo this guy hah!.. actually yesterday i really frust menongeng gila.. tepuk dahi.. pap! x 8. Silap tactic.. masa last a few metre to finish line. i should potong terus dia nie... He said, he got stomach and leg problem yesterday afew metre to finish line

Musuh ketat dari Jogathon Metro

Be inform that one of the runners (stage #2) from BM's (Bukit Mertajam) team kena accident. Hit by bus and kena jahit dekat muka.. lengan and buntot!.. huh! teruknya.. so officially his team was disqualified.. but runner at stage #3, still continue their run... not to let down other teammates.

Already penat warm-up dah! mengantuk lagi ada.. then the first SP runner sampai.. not my team laa.. other SP team.. that indian guy off first..

Veteran runners from KL
Waiting for Mr Tew...

Half an hour.. left only 2 team lagi.. then came.. mr teoh (he ran in stage 3 i guess)..
"Mana ah Tew?"
"heheeee.. belakang laa.."
"Last hah!.. aduih"

After get batton from ah Tew, run fast as i can... try to catch-up runner infront. About 1km... kaki sudah sakit.. lari pun terhenjut-henjut.. pass Pekan Sg. Pinang.. then a miracle happen....

Bukit sg Pinang berdiri depan... mak datuk.. tingginya!. I thought kampung name Sungai Rusa - Sungai Pinang.... flat road because of their name - sungai... but ini.... mak datuk..I never run train on hilly road...

The official umpire keep on follow me by kapcai. We chit-chat along the way.. and keep giving me support to keep me to run and climbing... finally reach Stage #8. My teammates is waiting (indian boy..forget his name) fuh!! lega... ah Soon (stage #5 runner) waiting for me with ambulance van... to prepare the worst from me!

Hantu betul!.. the flat road only at first 2km only, another 4km was up, up and up hilly. tarak turun bukit langsung. Glad i could finish it without walking, still got stamina but.. my right leg.. is out!

Stage# 9 at Teluk Bahang Dam

Then with ambulance van, we went visit stage #9 at Teluk Bahang Dam and #10 at Batu Ferringgi. Stay awhile with Zul. Telling him about bukit Sg. Pinang.. he laughing a loud.
"We should change drop point laa.. you run at stage #10 and let me do it at stage #7" said Zul, KL Towerthon finisher.

Indian guy stage# 1 runner, Ah Soon (janggut) stage# 5
Zul waiting for batton

Anyway, a good experience for me.. while running at stage #7, saw alot of mountain bike riders train climbing up the hill.

Then, meet Teoh, ah Soon, we proceed to stage 11 at Batu Ferringi with 1tonne lorry. This lorry own by other running team, use to provide moral support to runners, full of mineral drinks. We were so hungry, it was already 11am and have a breakfast there with laksa, nasi lemak and boiled egg. Teoh belanja. Lucky, he bring some cash while running.

Final stage, 12
Tinggal our runner sorang

Then proceed to final stage #12, final stage. It was 11:30am, nasib baik weather bit dark. Roads already full of car/traffic. We were top10 of 10 that time.
"It's okay.. take this as experience.. we will come again next year with 2 teams!" said Mr. Teoh to us and final runner
Then proceed to Padang Kota after our final runner get the batton.

Our final runner, just finish running

@Padang Kota
Finally our team finish the Penang Relay in 5h 44m 47s for top10 position. The first team cross finish line in 4h 56m 30s. Nearly an hour different.
As consolation, we were given finishing medal and i put mine to my wife for patiently taking cares kids in Padang Kota.. you know la.. kid 4 years old.. betul-betul lasak..

Medals for Men Open, Veteran and Consolation
My Medal
The Top10 - SP Runners!

For sure, Seem all the runners never did Penang Relay before, all of us get great experince, understand the route more and weather expectation. We will come again next year. We will do proper run planning and will come will 2 teams.

The SP Runners.. cheerrr!
Musuh ketat.. akhir jadi kawan baik!
With Zul
Hey! What have u did to your mama? hah!

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