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Monday 27 December 2004

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 1/12

20 Dec04 - 26 Dec04

Right leg just recovered a few day ago but still not fully. Plan to do warm-up to get back the stamina for 2 weeks before follow the Marathon training program.

For my first marathon in KLIM05, target to finish without injuries and hoping to cross the finish line between 4.15 to 4.45 hours. My weekly training focus on timing, how long i could run + usually i train on different roads course and too lazy to mark road distance. Gurun.. no running track, no recreation park near-by, only roads which buzy with lorries and cars. Had no choice!.. put my running gears and take off...

My personal best pace was at KRI Ipoh. I did 10k in 49.18, My pace was 4.55 minutes per km. So.. along the training weeks, assume to run in 6 minutes pace. I use straight road where i need to U-turn to run back. Start/finish from office's Sport Complex to Gurun junction or Gurun tol. If more distance need.. then will run thru PLUS highway..

For long run on weekend, i prefer doing early in the morning. A day before, will mark the road distance and secretly put drinking water tepi jalan.

The Plan.
1. 20/12: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k,
2. 27/12: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k,
3. 03/01: Training program week 1,
4. 10/01: Training program week 2. Walk12H,
5. 17/01: Training program week 3,
6. 24/01: Training program week 4,
7. 31/01: Training program week 5,
8. 07/02: Training program week 6,
9. 14/02: Training program week 7,
10.21/02: Training program week 8,
11.28/02: Easy run/jog/rest 4km.
12.06/03: Race day

The Hard Part.
20/12: 04km - 12.46 / 13.06. Office to Gurun Junction.
21/12: 04km - 12.24 / 12.40. Office to Gurun Junction.
22/12: 06km - 18.03 / 18.30. Office to Gurun Junction.
23/12: 08km - 24.08 / 25.06. Office to Gurun Junction.
24/12: Balik kampung @ Sg. Bakap
25/12: Rest & check Valdor Run road map.
26/12: 10km - 54.02 at Larian Valdor.

Total: 32km

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