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Thursday 9 December 2004

Slowly recover..

Almost 3 days.. my right leg slowly recover but still give me pain when i try to run. Able to do slow jog around my Taman house with kids and my wife for 15mins - 20mins.

Hey! my wife start to do jogging!.. a good sign! to be a runner..
After she, herself complain about her weight.. sudah extra sana.. extra sini.. and of course la.. i add some more complains to "perangat".

Just know receive a call from Alauddin, asking me to go home early and jog with him. Usually i run/train at office - Gurun route before going back home. So today, seem 85% still on recover.. better jog at Taman and hava a nice evening with them.


p/s: My Nikon 3200 also under recover! - Bad camera!

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