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Monday 31 January 2005

Longest training run

Saturday, 29 January:
Did my longest training run.. phew! Never tought i could did it without leg cramps, infact i plan to run 30km only, follow my training schedule. Before starting.. still thinking.. and WHY NOT run for 38km?..

.. and finally i'm able to run & finished nearly to completed a full marathon distance.. 39km!. Hiyaaahh! shouted aloud.. think satu taman park can heard me.. when reach & cross stoping line. I could not stop running, thought want to finish in marathon distance but.. kept it the best for KLIM later.. What a wonderful feeling..

Completed 39km in 3:50.21.. till now, can't believe it!.. i praise for myself and confidence i could completed my first marathon in less than 4hours.. by looking there will more runners, my family, friends to run with and pom-pom girls?.. that could help me to run more faster.

That training, really make me prepared in-term of mental, body condition & confident level. A lot of mental vs pain, games while tried to reach Taman Jublee. For last 10km, i ran alone leaving Mr. Teoh behind... heheeee.. Being alone i struggle with my mind to complete it.

My body condition after run,
1. Sweat
still got a few, nearly kering kontang.. luckily at 38km got a bottle of mineral drink to take a bath.

2. Blister
Got 3 small bilsters on my right leg. Didn't gave a problem if i continue the run.

3. Nipples
Ya! this one... err i mean two, betul2 gave me big problem and really interrupt my running concentration. For last 8km, i had to raise my running vest upper from my nipples and sometimes had to run while both hands holding & pulling vest.. if see from far... likes wearing a bra laaa...

4. Legs after run
Kapten Nemo.. at Harvard Suasana Hotel, Bedong A bit kengkang for half a day... so in evening went to swimming pool for recovery. Did 4 laps running in the pool & swim with katak style. I love floating in water with head up. Can do it 15 - 20 minutes. To do it, need full relaxing mood and forget all the backlog.. love it!

May be my 12Hour walk last 2 weeks help developed & prepared my body & leg to run more than 30km. Thanks for that.

My timing split,
Taman Jublee (A) - Sg. Jagung (B) - Semeling 10km mark (C) - Tupah (D) - Semeling 10 mark (E) - Sg. Jagung (F) - Taman Jublee (G).

A,B - C: 10km 55.40
C - D: 9km 51.20 (1:47.01)
D - E: 9km 53.01 (2:40.03)
E,F - G: 10km 1:01.41 (3:41.45)

38km... tak puas hati.. still energetic.. add another 1 round of Taman Jublee for another 1 km.

G - G: 1km 8.36 (3:50.21)

Kasi mandi bunga kat dia So another 2km, if i ran more faster at first 15km & 20km... could finish in less 4 hour. But KLIM route may be alot of fly-over and hilly roads.. and 4:00 - 4:15 should be good enough to set as a base for my first 42km.

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