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Thursday 6 January 2005

Report: Ku Cheng Tse Temple Run

Organized by Ku Cheng Temple at Seberang Jaya, located near to Penang Bird oark and Sunway Hotel. Registration fee, quite expensive RM20. Usualy a run event like this, cost us between RM10 and RM15. Anyway it's charity run and my "nawaitu".. i just want to run. After all, they contribute RM5,000 to Tsunami Relief Fund.

Alex registed, collected bib# and t'shirt for me during Valdor Run. Offer more medals, held on 1st day of new year 2005 attract me to join although leg still under repair.

Bedong to Seberang Jaya takes about 45 minutes. Take-off on 5.45am, stop at Sg. Dua Tol for subuh. Visit restroom twice and reached the Temple at 6.40am.

SP runners came full load in a van. Get know one of them, as i never meet him before. Said hi and chat with them while wearing my gears. They plan and invite me to do long distance run from Taman Jublee, Sg. Petani to Tanjung Dawai on Raya Haji. Approximately more 36km and return back by taxi. Eeemmm.. can not la guys... kena balik kampung laa..

With 150 runners registered for Temple Run, 90% were veterans, the charity run flag-off at 7:40am 10minutes late from schedule. Run and chat with Mr. Teoh from SP.

3/4 of running route is off road, like kampung roads. A lot of small stones and very noisy. Propp.. praak.. propp.. praak.. haiya! my right leg start dahhh.. as i step/run on unflat road.

After 2km got a group of 4-5 runners.. join the crowd, came from one of taman (don't know what name..) sh*t laa... charity run pun kelentong kaa... i recognised one of them finished in top 3.

Continue slow jog.. no speedwork, right leg already start mumbling and just maintained the pace until finished line. The run route pass at back of light industrial area, along dark water and smelly Seberang Jaya rivers, then run thru Taman Semilang.

Fuh! lega.. no more off road after run thru Taman Semilang, 2km to finish, run thru Jalan Todak, pass Sunway Hotel and Ku Cheng Temple...

Got my first New Year medal. TQ! and think the road distance was less 8km, maybe 4-6km only, my running pace was really bad even i had to struggle with a very old veteran runner... my right leg... not in a good condition (tired of using word.. pain or ache. negative word and when you said it, it remind in head and affected your mind and... training also. - *Magic of Thinking Big)

After run, as ussual chat with Alex, SP runners and getting know other new runners. I meet with one of my weblog visitor from Singapore, came to Penang for holiday and the charity run. He also will be participating in 12Hours walk next 2 weeks.

Think i should rest for a week help my right leg to recover and get prepare for 12 Hours walk on 15th Jan 2005. Still got a week before the walk to train. Sudah tak syok dah... running like this.. i really miss a running condition / performance while on KRI Ipoh and Cafe21 Kangar. In March.. KLIM, full marathon... mati aku if condition like this.

Already pi Metro hospital to check.. but doctor said
"It's okay.. give time for your leg to recover".

May be, will go for swimming therapy along this week at Cinta Sayang Club or Laguna Merbok..

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