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Monday 10 January 2005

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 2/12

27/12 - 2/1: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k.

Hard Part
Well, sometimes it didn't goes as in plan. Thats why we call it actual. Managed to ran 2 days and 1 day for road race in Temple Run.

*distance depend on my timex, assume run in 6 minutes = 1km

27/12 - Rest.
After 10km run at Valdor Run. Finished in 54.12 minutes, not a good timing but still achieve target as i plan to cross finish line in less an hour.

28/12 - 4km, 12.54 / 13.10
29/12 - 4km, 13.28 / 21.52,
Before u-turn to run back to office, my right leg start mumbling. Can't run anymore. Had to walk back to office. errr.. train for 12 Hours Walk.

30/12 - Rest
01/01 - Charity Run
Ku Cheng Tse Temple Run. Less than 8km. Think 5-6km only. Finished in 29.12 minutes.

02/01 - Rest.

Total distance: 14km

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