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Monday 7 February 2005

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 7/12

Training Plan Week 5
Mon - 10
Tue - Rest
Wed - 12
Thu - 10
Fri - 8
Sat - 26
Sun - Rest
Total = 62

Easy Part
Mon 31/01 - 10km 25.34/ 24.19 (49.54)
Tue 01/02 - Rest
Wed 02/02 - 12km 57.17
Thu 03/02 - 10km 54.13 (easy run)
Fri 04/02 - Rest
Sat 05/02 - 24km 2:21.48
Sun 06/01 - Rest
Total distance = 56km

Plan for Week 6 Training Plan.
Mon - 9.5
Tue - 13
Wed - 9.5
Thu - Rest
Fri - 8
Sat - 29
Sun - Rest
Total = 69

My game plan for Week 6 Training Plan.
Mon 07/02 - Rest
Tue 08/02 - Ceh! kena pi outstation plak.. to Ipoh.
Wed 09/02 - Carbo load (kenduri)
Thu 10/02 - Carbo load (kenduri)
Fri 11/02 - 10 (easy run)
Sat 12/02 - 42 (2nd attempt, try to finish marathon distance)
Sun 13/02 - rest
Total = 52

This week, raya cina and also got alot kenduri. Tak pi pun, tak elok lak.. kawan satu department at office. After raya cina, geng SP runners will be running to cover marathon distance. Same route, from Taman Jublee to Tupah. Start at 4:30am. Got 3-4 members also will do their first marathon at KLIM 2005.

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  • Hello brother. Ur blog reminds me of a friend of mine The Lonely Runner, u know him i guess. It is very interesting to see u scheduled ur runs. I tried to plan too but of cos of lesser mileage and alot of rests than urs...but still I am struggling. Happy training and all the best in the KLIM!!

    By Blogger ViXen, at 12:05 am  

  • Assalamualaikum..
    Thanks for visiting my blog.. Sukaimi.. know him thru the net. Never meet before but, KLIM sure will hug him for true spirit of running.. Salute him!.

    Already visit yr blog.. hey! u're also a runner hah! Will u coming for KLIM? Where do u plan to stay?. Will meet him to pay some hutang heheee.. KLIM, my 1st marathon... so scared man! don't know can finish or not... pray, hope & train hard, so i could cross the finish line.

    See u at KLIM ya!

    By Blogger aharis, at 1:32 pm  

  • Yes, I registered for 1/2 marathon, my 1st time too. Pls keep in touch with TLR cos we are coming together..and most likely be staying at swiss inn, insya'allah. With the kind of training u have here, sure can finish one, no matter how long u take. Tak kan la tak boleh.. mesti boleh nya!!!

    By Blogger ViXen, at 8:47 pm  

  • Wow! wish my wife could do that. But being a supporter also.. it's help me also at last km.. to run fast. heheeee..
    Me & SP runners group will stay at Heritage Hotel.. is a train station building... if kaki sudah lembik.. check-out & take a train back home.
    Pray hard i could finish KLIM marathon... KL roads are different.. got lot of fly-over & hilly roads.. and running in KL town.. emmm.. byk asap kereta & less O2...

    Anyway.. see u & TLR at KLIM starting line or after the run ya!

    Keep on running!

    By Blogger aharis, at 8:42 am  

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