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Thursday 31 March 2005

Perak River Wildness Quest

Organizer of the IRON BOUND CHALLENGE have released preliminray details of the upcoming 2005 series, Kuala Kangsar, Perak Royal City will begin the season on 21st-22nd May 2005.

PERAK RIVER WILDERNESS QUEST 2005 (PRWQ05) 2 days stage adventure race, followed by IRON BOUND CHALLENGE - LUMUT RACE which is tentatively set for september, the latter being a premier event where entry will be invitation or qualification only...

so don't wait until closing date... Check-out our website!

Race Overview
Appealling to weekend warriors and ameteur adventure races alike. IRON BOUND CHALLENGE one-day adventure race not only test participants physical, but their mental endurance as well. Each team is made-up of three members.

If you and our teammates have not already registered for the next performance adventure racing event. We want to invite you to this race. The sprint race format is a challenging and do-able multi endurance race - coded as the 'Iron Bound Racing Series' is a teamwork challenge that combines road running, off road mountain biking, trail running, river crossing, traditional bamboo rafting and some interesting 'mystery test'. The three-person team must complete each section of the course together and must cross the finish line as a team-challenging team to work together and stay together. Weather you're seasoned competitor or first time adventirer racer, everyone is on the same playing field, enchancing the atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

The couse of each IRON BOUND CHALLENGE SERIES is truly unique and suited to the specific terrain of the area, each race includes road running, mountain biking, jungle trekking, river crossing, swimming, river scrambling and our special mystery test. The exact order and distance of the events is not revealed until the day before the race. Adding a different dimension to adventure racing, mystery test are interspered throughout the course and are kept mystery until the competitors actually approach each test. Teams are expected to finish in 6-8 hours.

It kinda Mild Seven Outdoor Quest competition. My physical background is running but had kayaking experience since college study.
Mountain bike = NO!
Fixed Ropes = NO!
= Boleh ka?

Anybody interested to form a team with me? Drop a message here...

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