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Saturday 12 March 2005

Report: Kuala Lumpur Int. Marathon 2005

Remember one of Q&As in Runner's World magazine July 2004.
Q: What's the hardest marathon in the world
A: Your first one!

Ya! right.. KLIM05 tough! Although i trained for 3 months, follow the marathon training program, shorted the weeks because of late start and still that was less than moderate run performance from me. Maybe it’s design to finish only.. kot!

..Or maybe i should blame to KLIM route a lots of hilly, fly-overs, too many motorist to look for, smog - makes my lung less O2, too many water stations that i had to stop and drink at each of it, 3 packs of powergel not gave enough power to accelerate, too long of 42km route, KLIM's t'shirt not nice, runners who walk.. and they force me to walk too..

My training route didn't have all that.. and still i run in good performance. What's different between train run and race run?!

Remember.. don't play-play hah! with your first marathon. Expect the worst.

I completed my first marathon / for my mom / for my dream as main target - HAPPY x 3! and second target to finish in less 4hours... too extreme, change to 4:00 - 4:15 - NOT HAPPY!

= HAPPY 3/4 only..

From Sg. Petani, we took a train. Accompany with my supporters (Wife, Alauddin and Ayah) and pom-pom girl (Jasmin). Last time we came by train for KOTR 2004, the second-class coach was ours. After Bukit Mertajam - KL, we can play hide-seek and sleep anywhere we like.

This time, kena getah!. Bought only 2 tickets and two seats shared by four of us.. Aduih!. Takkan semua pi KLIM kot...

Reached KL Sentral, catch KTM Komuter to Bangi to Bro house at Sungai Merap, see new born baby boy.

Noon, Check-in at Heritage Hotel. Classic hotel. A lot of historical places photos, Pics of KL, Penang, Ipoh and etc before WWII. Ayah love it. He walks around the hotel to see the pics.

To Menara Kuala Lumpur. My wife never went and badly wants to going up for past 2-3 years ago. Nag to me each time we were in KL. I'm already gone once 5-6 years ago had a dinner with former boss at Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant. Enjoy KL view in 360 degree as our table place rotate. Nice...

Dataran Merdeka..KLIM05!

At Central Market we had nasi kandar for dinner. Want to sleep early laa.. Ayah, enjoyed listening young men sing a song, playing guitar. He's musician too.. He used to play saxophone, flute, alto-sax and trumpet in young ages but now angin pun dah semput.. he just played keyboard, guitar, harmonica, ukulele.

Anywhere he goes.. flute and music notes must be inside his beg. Most of songs he played Chinese, western oldies and P.Ramlee song

Teo help me pick-up the bib# and pass to me at hotel. They just check-in. Stay a few doors from us. There were 9 runners of SP Runners excluding me. 8 men and a woman. 7 of them registered for 42km, 21km and 10km one. From 7 of 42km, 5 will do their first marathon. Only Teo and Janggut did marathon before. So we were coach by Janggut during training run. You know laa personality of a dragon year person like Janggut... die hard punya orang.

Switch off light. 11pm.. Jasmin cried, her body temperature.. Hot. Fever. Luckily my wife brings medicine. Half an hour, she cried again. Pujuk + tepuk for 5mins, she sleep. Again half an hour.. she cried.. 4-5 times, i thought something not right with the room.. maybe "feng-shui" tak kena ni.. My wife felt the same, so she urge to switch sleep location. Again half an hour later, she cried... until 3:15am... her body temperature still hot.

Think, I only sleep 2-3 hours.

Courtesy from SukaimiWhen to Dataran Merdeka an hour earlier before starts time with SP Runners. Meet-up with my internet friends like Sukaimi the Ultra-man from Singapore, Jason (who did 12H Walk at Penang) and the famous Penguins. Never meet before but we always tagging at each blogs and thru emails.

5am - Bang!
I ran my first marathon!.. Start with slow pace. Ran with Jason and Terence the penguin. There were 298 runners in my category and 775 men ran for KLIM 2005. My left leg still gave a bit pain since ran at Padang Besar Half Marathon last week.

Cross the Chip mat at 53.53mins base on my stopwatch. Feel OK. Target to cross 10km at 55mins. Target to cross 21km below 2H. Maintained the pace. At first 10km water station.. Wrap the first powergel.

Left leg start mumbling. Cross Chip mat at 1:59.00. Slow down my pace for 10mins. Then continue at normal pace. KL, start buzy. Try to enjoy myself by looking at Hutan Batu... but... cannot.

Before, about 9 years ago i used to work at KL (Kelana Jaya) at MAS Computer Center. Job was good, Everyday can cuci mata by looking at girls train for stewardess at MAS Academy, got free air ticket to anywhere in world once a year. The ticket can carry forward next year to make it two and more. 70% discount for domestic flight. That day, paid between RM20-30 to balik kampung. If anybody ask..

"Balik dengan apa?"
fuh! juah tak dak dah.. (Swank?.. to maximum)

But, one thing i could not stand for... the city lifestyle, traffic, neighbours, rent a house with 3 small rooms with 10 housemate – I orang kampung laaa.. pegang pisau toreh.

After 8 months quit, went back and work at Lumut. Fuh! gumbira betul dapat balik Manjung and Lumut. Paid RM 250 rent a bungalow.. BUNGALOW!!.. Weekend go for fishing, jog near by beach, bore?!.. went to P.Pangkor, snorkelling..

Really miss Lumut. Will go again for Powerman. Opsss.. where am I?.. KLIM05!

Cross chip mat at 3:04.19. Wow! try to maintain the pace. Inside, was imagine to jump and celebrate with kids and wife if i cross between 4:00 - 4:15 hour. But likes the most articles said, the last 10km is where the marathon begins. I blamed to my left leg, it start cramps and force me to do my first walk.

Pass one of SP Runners, Lim Thean Seng (A127). He also face legs cramps and he sat down on the road. Try pull him to continue run with me.. He refused.

"You go first.. Haris" said Thean Seng.

For last 10km.. i did run-walk-run. Get my third powergel.. still not help. The distance mark was confused. Just continue run-walk-run. My stopwatch shown 4:20mins...

"ah.. sudah pi dah.. just enjoy the run loh"

Courtesy from Tey

Talked to a few runners who pass-by. 3km more, suddenly saw Mr. Tey, busy snap photos. Huh! Running with SLR camera and equipment.

We ran together until, 50metres to finish line, Tey sprint, left me behind.. Actually i was slow down my pace. Could not believe what i saw a finish line!. I was sebak nearly to cry, i was thinking of my mom...

"Mak.. i did a marathon for you.."

Looking at the crowded.. i was smile.. Rise up my hands and cross the line.

My stopwatch shown 4:41.01

Jamie, also finish a few millisecond after and congratulate to me for the run.

Meet-up Sukaimi again, he did sub 4. Wait for SP runners. Try to walk to PM group. But kaki sudah lembik and cramps. Jasmin also looks tired, not enough sleep and fever some more..

L-R: Lim Thean Seng, Me, Teoh Kim Chye, Hing Soong Kee, Forgot His Name, Chew Siang Chin, Soo Tiang Kok, Chuah Hock Chun, Maria Him Gek Heok.
Sit: Teo Boon Huat

Walked to back to hotel, Check-out, Meet Jason, took a pacesetter bottle belt which i had order - Thanks Jason!

Went to Pudu by cab and alhamdulliah the VIP coach bus was waiting just near-by the cab.... and ZZZzzzzzZzzzzz.

Sukaimi from Singapore - Courtesy from him

Courtesy from Tey

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