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Tuesday 1 March 2005

Report: Padang Besar Mini-Half Marathon

It was nearly 5 months, not running in 21km race since Cafe21 at Kangar in September last year. And a loooooong time not re-new any Personal Best record. Before head to Padang Besar Mini-Half Marathon, i set a target to run in less 1:50 mins and this target was subset of fun run... enjoy the scenery.. enjoy the sunset.. enjoy the villages views and the people of thailand.. let other runners overtake me. And the result.. target achieved.

My new personal best run in 21km = 1:46.42.
Time split in 10.5km = 53.40 and 53.02
Position = 10th
Received a medal and consolation.

Start at Gurun's R&R on 9am. A van, load with 8pax with a drivers pick me up and head to Bukit Kayu Hitam - Danok - Sadao. Reached Padang Besar (PB) around 1pm. Find for hotel location then went to registration point.

Noticed that, there were lot of run categories. e.g for 21km, 8 categories. 20-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60 above. A fair run. Registered for 21km with Alex but different age category. Others, they run for 10km. My bib# 30-1, meaning that i'm the first registered for 21km in 30-34 category. Huh! already 2pm, tomorrow race day.. nobody want to run in 21km ka? Same goes to Alex's category. But for 10km and fun run.. alot!.

I should register 21km in 20-29 category, i'm not 30 yet until 28 April. But Alex said no need to re-register.. let the luck help you. 2 of 10km BM runners change category and paid another 250 baht to run in 21km, because of overwhelming in 10km category. 9pm.. there where lots of runners came for registeration, which closed tomorrow morning before race.

After registered, Soru time!, Luckily the organizer provide to all runners a free lunch and a dinner. Tonight, also got lion dancing, running apparel sales..

At first, was worried, whether food served, was halal or not, but the servers (makcik2) wearing a tudung and Alex ask them in chinese "Halal or Not".. "Halal!".. hehee.. thanks god! i'm so hungry like hungry ghost.

Check for 21km route, that lead us to a huge and beautiful Wat Khao Rup Chong temple. Still under construction and also got a cave temple. Like, Gua Kelam in Perlis.

Stay at Padang Besar Central Hotel. 3 pax per room. Think, it was a budget hotel. Got all the basic stuffs except towel. Take a nap until 6pm. Went back to Registration Hall for free dinner.

There was an aerobic dance conduct by she-male. Huh! She-he so energetic! Most of women join the dance.. but guys.. they like to be a spectator. After having a dinner, enjoy watching lion dance. Went to running apparel sales. Price, same like in Malaysia, but the quality.. doubt. Not bought anything, save $$$ for KLIM next week.

9:30pm went back to hotel. Take a night walk around Padang Besar town, find some halal food for supper and bought a bun for breakfast. Along the way.. there were chics.. approach us..
"Bang.. mai bang.."
"Nak pi mana tu..."

With sexy looked.. huh! thanks god! nothing happen that night.
"Nasib baik aku kena lari esok.. else.." a joke from Alex, he wearing a sarong.

Race start at 7am in Malaysia time or 6am in Thailand time. After subuh and twice for big job... we off to ground zero. Reached half hours early from start time. Approximately more than 1500 runners were ready and line-up at starting line. 85% run for 10km and fun run.

7:15am, Bang! the race start. Every-body run like wild cows in rodeo.. gila! laju betul!. kids, veteran.. thai runners.. damn fast.

I start and run with own running pace, all the BM runners already in-front.. My left leg still giving a bit pain since 2-3 days ago. Just put a Sloan cream to ease.

It's a one way route, go and u-turn until Wat Khao Rup Chong. Got a lots of hilly and bengkang-bengkok roads. emm.. good for me for KLIM training.. Along the way, there were rubber plantation left/right and villages only. Enough water station. Think 6-8 water stations.. forgot.. But enough until finish line. Policemen available along the route at village, junction and traffic. The runners were pom-pom by villagers, kids, girls, and a man with M-16 rifle!

Fun runners, make a u-turn. Less crowded. I'm still in warm-up pace. Usually at this stage (2km-6km) really hard for me. A lots of non-sense questions pop-up
"Why i should run this.. better balik hotel tidoq"..
"Cilaka! tak sampai half way lagi kaa.."
"Next week pi KL, run for marathon... mampoih!"

Struggle with mental and physical pepagi buta...

Water!. Less crowded.. 10k runner make a U-turn. Left 21k runners.

The first 21km runners already make a U-turn and passing by. Huh! what can said.. Laju!. Start counting number of runners in my own category who passing by.. until 7. Stop counting... gave me a pressure!.

Alex, Lee Chong Chi & Yeap Yean Thiam also passing me.. each of them registered 21km in different category. Alex (40-45), LCC (20-29) and YYT (35-40).

Reached Wat Khao Rup Chong, check-point. pick-up rubber-band, re-fuel with power-gel. Overtake 2 runners while they were drinking. Use run-drink-run skills... until water get into my nose.

Overtake two runners, while on the run and again a runner at water station. Before, i was follow these 3 runners from 200 metre in-front. Try to chase them slowly until at reach water station. He stop for a drink. Increase the speed and grap a drinking cup. Sip a little 3-4 times. And continue running.

My plan is to run faster at 16km mark.

There was man, wearing army long-pant with a white t'shirt.. Carrying a M-16 rifle.
huh! terkezut (shock) aku! really caught my concentration.
"err.. Where is my grenade?.. argg! sudah makan at check point!"

Saw a lady, about 500m in front, again i overtake her at water station. Said hi to her and she reply in thai language...
"Ok.." reply back.. Can’t understand a word.

Again another 3 sayur in-front. A couple and a man. Maintains my fast pace. So motivate after saw the Registration Hall not far away. Able to potong a man at 20km. A couple, they slow down at 300 metre before finish line... and yap! i overtake them. 200 metre... more. The clock shown 01:46.xx, run fast as i can.. and..

Stop my stopwatch! the marshall gave me a medal and a card, it shown "10th, 30-34"

"Wuuu..HoHo.. Unbelievable!"

My stopwatch shown 1:46.42 (53.40/53.02).

Hey! My Personal Best re-new and my 10km return more faster.

Alex got No.5, Lee Chong Chi no.5, Yeap Yean Thiam no. 10, Kua Swee Im no.5 and Chuah Say Choon.. champion in his own category.

What a great run!.. i enjoyed the last 16km. Each time feel exhausted.. Said to myself..
"Enjoy the run.. look around you.. smile to villagers.."
Think, i smile alot to the villagers like orang 3 suku (3/4). Can read the villagers water-face..
"Gila pa.. dia ni.. lari pun senyum"

As a third time, the run event was well organized.
- Provide free lunch & dinner,
- Got aerobic exercise, tiger show.. oppss.. lion show.
- A lots of volunteers, especially youth to handle on registration booth and water-station
- Enough water-station, food-drinks after the run.
- Lots of categories, trophy 1st-5th, consolation 6th-10th

Probably, something to improve..
- Second bib#, to pinned at the back
- Design and material of t'shirt, not so good
- No cash price

L-R: Me, Kua Hua Cheong, Chen Yong Hwa, Chuah Say Choon, Alex, Lee Chong Chi, Kua Swee Im, Yeap yean Thiam.. another 2 forgot. Malaysian. Came by bus.

Why did I said, I enjoy the run..
1. New PB
2. Target achieved
3. Didn't take a look at stopwatch, except at check-point.
4. All runners were given 1 bib# only. Pinned in-front only and..
potong orang! without knowing what category he/she is.. depend on your running performance and motivation.

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