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Friday 1 April 2005

Report: Nilai 3 Half Marathon

Welcome to Nilai 3 Half Marathon at Negeri SembilanAlready 3 weeks after did a marathon at KLIM, my still legs still in pain. Admit, that i didn't do recovery training like swimming or ride a bike. Just hoping, it will gone.. blink! like that.

Able to do 4-5 training ran in short distance. The longest one.. 8km only.

Set no target for Nilai 3 except hopping i could win a grand prize for a lucky draw. Hey! a shop lot worth RM75k or a Perodua Kancil. Seem that leg still in pain and 1st Nilai 3 ever held, target a fun run only. Finish in less than 2 hour is good enough.

A huge lucky draw box

Reached Nilai 3 at 3:30pm. Head to registration outlet. So shock looking at lucky draw coupon box.... think 3-4k entries. The box is so big. Try to lift the box - fail. Noticed one face at registration outlet, looked like a chinese.. he look at me. With no smile or hi.. he passed me by.

At Allson Klana hotel. Meet Rohaizat, Yeah! the man who stare at registration outlet. He stayed opposite of my room. Chat and perform Jama' isya' and Maghrib in his room.

At starting line, meet-up with alot of net friends. Still nervous.. worry whether i could finish 21km. Legs still in pain, 3 weeks never did long distance run and only 4 times short training run. No powergel brought on the run. Am i lucky enough to win a kancil car :P if not shop lot pun jadik lah!

Race started late from schedule.. 5-10mins. More than 3000 runners registered. The 21km category flag-off at 6:45am and 11km at 7:30am. The route got alot of hillies. Just after start line.. runners need to run down the hill more >100 metre.

Ran slow pace.. legs already start mumbling. Just ignore.. focus my mind on running.. enjoy the scenery.. look around.. play the run games.. sometimes i overtook.. sometimes i let them. Sometimes i put a run target to reach one of light posts - no fun!. So i mark next runner in-front - more fun and more legs pain!.

The route thru industrial area. Seem it's Sunday and rained late yesterday evening so the air was quite fresh. Most runners were pom-pom by factory workers.

Ran with Jason for 3-5mins and increase my pace abit. Then route head to Nilai 3 back.

Water Station - Yeah! i need it. Thought a cold water but plain.. Nevermind!

Ran at comfortable pace. Legs still give me pain. Saw 11km runners on other road side. Mostly schools children and veteran runners. There was no 11km category for Open.

Passed Nilai 3 junction and head to housing area. Saw Muniady, a local and a Thailand's runner on opposite road. Running fast lead the 21km runners. Looked at my stopwatch 53 mins. Huh! Laju betul.

Think 2-3km more to finish line. Muniady sponsored by Adidas and a SP Runners Club.

Saw Ajeep in-front. Still run steadily. Try chased and chat abit with him. He wrapped powergel at water station... huh! terlioq aku..

It was large housing area.. some of them still under development. Some of them already got residence.

Legs still give me more pain. Until at one stage, can't tahan already.
"Must keep on running and increased pace abit.. to end this pain"

Better start walk after finish line, not here.

Ajeep came and we ran along. Chat abit. Suddenly one of musuh ketat Ajeep potong him.. Think, Ajeep really mad. And turbo to chase him, left me.

It was 1 km more to finish line. Enter Nilai 3 junction and again >100 metre of hilly road waiting in front. Changed to small steps and abit fast pace. Legs start giving more pain.

Can not tahan already. i did run-walk 3 times.

Reached at top. Start ran fast again. The finish line only a few hundred metres.

Suddenly heard a loud shout
"Haris!! Come on.. Faster!"

Tey was waiting at finish line with a camera. Raised my hand up.. Gave a nice action pose.

Fuh! Lega.. stop my stopwatch. I'm so exhausted. The official gave me a card. Don't know what card is for. Didn't take a look. I'm looking for water. Then another official take back the card and gave me a medal and certificate..

After 2 cups of 100Plus drinks, i realized that card indicate position number - ah! who cares.
Finish the race and got medal is good enough.

Finish line
Official desk to pass medal and cert.

L-R: Jason, Rohaizat, Ronnie, Jamie & Tey

Meet-up again with nets friends, takes a photos and chat. Ronnie, Jamie, Chen, CM, Rohaizad, Jason, Ajeep, Tey, a malay guy who ran together at last 10km in KLIM. Forgot his name. And others

A Perodua Kancil for a lucky draw
Alex and I at The Stage
Alex got 10th

Lucky Draw.. - short story: Tak dapat!. Penat tunggu ajer.

At Hotel, extended an hour. Mandi, pack and check out. Then pekena Tom-yam sampai meleleh ayeq hidung.. and take-off to Bukit Mertajam.

21km: 1:49.11
- Not a good timing but I’m satisfied and been inform the route was shortened.

Rohaizat, Ajeep and I
Love this photo - TQ, Tey!

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