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Wednesday 10 August 2005

Report Alor Star Jogging Club Run

Don't know why Alor Star Jogging Club (ASJC) run had small number of participation even though the organizer had a lot of experience handling the run events. This year, it was a 22th ASJC run, old enough to make it famous and well-known run event.

Maybe lack of promotion. No banners around Alor Star town. No media announcement. The event was spread out from mouth to mouth. As a result only 150++ runners registered for 21km and probably 200++ school children registered for 10km and 5km. Also been informed that, there was another run event held on the same day somewhere in Alor Star.
- Ceh! dah la payah nak ada local event. Ada!.. Clash plak.

Same senario with Larian Bendang 2005 and Jogathon Hidup Tak Sihat. Should had one agency or association to control state sport event in-term of event quality, procedure, date, sponsorship and etc - Idea lah!

Though, this run was organized by-runners-for-runners with a 22 years old of experience, it should be a well-organized event. But.. still having loopholes, especially for necessity issues such as water-stations, drinking water, toilet and etc.

The A Team

The starting location was at middle Taman houses, in-front of ASJ Club house. There was no large space or field for parking. Had to park along the taman roads. Think, they should organize it at suitable places such public park or school field - Enough for necessity utilities... toilets, water taps, parking lot, bushes (incase long queue for toilet) - Idea lah!

Warm-up. Panasss... panaaasss

Thean Seng (blue suit) and Janggut (with janggut)

At 6:15am, seeking for parking.

The race flag-off 6:30am. Could feel a warm weather that morning. Was drinking a lot while driving to Bee Bee Park. Empty 1.5 liter of mineral water.


Wey! budak.. tepi! Orang nak lari ni..

3! Peeeekkk

Running route were flat and straight after getting out of Bee Bee Park houses. Cross Lebuhraya Tunku Abdul Halim and 10km head to Kuala Kedah jetty. Another 0.5km, need run across Kuala Kedah bridge. The only hilly road. Then U turn, ran back to Bee Bee Park using same route - Exactly 21km.

Flag-off for 10k

Flag-off for 5k

At 5km, I was exhausted, my throat getting dry, coughed a few times while running... I know.. it sign that I badly need water! Could not focus on my running, keep thinking of..
"Where is water station?"

At 9km, first water station.. 100Plus! - fuh! lega.
Drink 3 cups of it
"Woih! Don't drink too much lah!"
Said Thean Seng (SP Runners) as we ran together.

The good thing about U turn route, you could saw elite runners whose ran first, second and third position and so on. Thean Seng start counting number of runners in same category with us passing by. - We're still in top 20

0.5km to Kuala Kedah Bridge, passing a small kampung road. Then..
Tuuu diaaaaaa haihh... - Kuala Kedah Bridge! nearly 35degree hilly.
Change to low gear with fast steps. Able to continue run without walking.

U turn, Climb again. After ran down from hilly bridge. My first half of 10.5km was 51.55mins – my standard timing. Meet-up with other SP runners, BM leopard and Jitra friends during opposite run direction. Ran back using same route with Thean Seng.

At 13km, a few meter before reach second water-station, wrapped and suck a pack of powergel.
"Hah! where is water?"
"Habis! / finish!"
“Hah! Habis ka? / finished?”

- Thean Seng was drink the last cup of 100 Plus.
Arrrghh! - Powergel liquid was stuck in my throat.
Cilakak! With dry throat, sucking a sweet liquid powergel without water.. - Try it!
It was the first water station, which he move the station to other side of the road and set-up for second water station
- No wonder la.. Drinking water finish quickly.

Really disturb my running. I was thinking about other runners behind. The sunlight getting hotter, most of them were veteran and no water. Continue with slow run with my eyes kept scanning any water tap along the route. Thean Seng already increace his pace.
"You go first.. i need to find wattteeeeeer"

Telan air liur also not help. Luckily there was a mosque after 1km of running and quickly ran to water taps. - Srrruuupppp! srruuuuppp! srruuup! sedapnye (sound efect tuh)

Thean Seng left me, far away. Was run alone. Saw a runner in front. He was doing run-walk-run. We kept overtook with each other a few times. Overtook him, while he walking and overtook me with fast pace. Lastly i heard from my back..
He felt down by himself hah! not my fault... okay! Pity him.

Reached third water-station. a 100Plus and a cup of mineral water - Took it both.
Hope still got enough water for runners behind.

Weather getting hotter, i ran under trees shadow alone. Cross T junction, a road to Tun Dr. Mahathir kampung house. Maintain my pace. Cross last t junction at Lebuhraya Tunku Abdul Halim and Bee Bee Park only 1km ahead. Increace my pace. Left leg start giving a bit pain, because there was a runner in-front, same category.. i turbo abit and overtook him.

Get into Bee Bee Park, ran in housing area and stop my stopwatch.
My second half of 10.5km was 52.33mins and finished 21km in 1:44.28 with 13th position. - Satisfy! exactly 21km.


You guys.. want free drink ka?

Timing berapa? 1:42mins - Thean Seng

Behind finish line

Finish line

Finish line with Zooooom

Zamri from Jitra. Fast runner. Got fever since last 2 day and vomit up on the run

Yahya & Zamri family from Jitra - Dia ni sure army

BM Leopard. Wakil Alex

Weather getting dark and start raining. Jom balik!

Malaysian foods. Tosai, roti canai, telor separuh masak, capati and teh O limau

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  • Only 350 runners. On organisers side how many officials, road marshals, helpers, etc? I'm always very impressed by dedicated people put in their own time, effort and money every year to put up events like these. They must be very disappointed by the turnout. Maybe they can consider making it just a 10k event next year. - seniorvet

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:36 am  

  • Haris,

    Congratulations for getting position 13 with a very good timing of 1hr 44 mins. Do u know that this timing will entitle you to a Certificate of Distinction in the coming PJ Half Marathon. So, come and get the cert. and frame it up for your children and grand children to see.

    Hey, are u going for the Songkhla Full Marathon to be held on 28/08/2005 ?

    Keep on running to keep fit and healthy.

    Anyway, nowadays, your body look macho man .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:52 am  

  • SeniorVet,
    Think less than that. Official and marshals not so many. They just waiting at junction. Maybe lack of financial support and need to collaborate with sport gov agency.

    Hope more 21km in North.

    By Blogger aharis, at 2:04 pm  

  • Penguin2,
    TQ. Ya! heard the medal given below 2H. Wah! tough hah..
    Songkla - No.
    PJ Half - 50%-50%
    .. i need to think fast.. run fast.. think fast.. run fast.

    and that make us a macho men.

    By Blogger aharis, at 2:04 pm  

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