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Monday 8 August 2005

Report Tanjong 10K

..short report.
Was running in pain along the way from starting line. Could not remember anything - just keep on running.

Each steps, i hope.. the finish line in-front of me. The pain on my left leg getting more serious since ASJC 21km on last Friday. Walking.. was not my last resort.

Just want to end the pain quickly. And.. at 8km, ignore it. Pushing my pace a bit, able to overtook 3 runners on same category.

Finish line only a few hundred metres. My stopwatch shown 49.00mins
"Let do it below 50mins - Come on!"
Keep counting the second..
1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.....48 ..49
Could saw people looking at my mumbling mouth
..50 ..51 ..52
I did and finish in 49.52mins - suffer!

At Governor mansion.
Though, I got finisher medal only... but pain was gone when my chinese name was called for second medal during top prize ceremony. Frankly, I was big shocked as I expect usually top finishers will be giving a small card indicate his/her position number at finish line, but they not. The marshal just record and jot down each finisher timing.

For me.. 11th place - Wow!
2 medals for 1 run event - Wow! Wow!
No cash prize for 1-3th until 15th – Pap! pap!

Actually.. Penang elite runners were out of town, to Hadyai Narture Run. So rezeki for me lah..

A few hundred metres to finish line.

The finish line.

Finish line... A zoom focus by walking

Marshals taking finishers timing and medal given

A lucky draw box

Free drinks - Milo lorry

Behind, Najib and his wife - He nearly fainted and vomit after ter'press' turbo boost button at last kilometer with empty stomach. Miss a 2nd place.

Proceed to Governor mansion to celebrate his birthday

The Governor mansion

Ceh.. tarak makan ka?

Inside Governor mansion, waiting for top prize and lucky draw

Inside Governor mansion, waiting for top prize and lucky draw

School kids

With Chin PG

"For 11th.. 1056 Gan xxx xxx" - my number!. Was running on other people Open Category bib no.

Aaaaghhhh.. unlucky draw

Woih! Cepat laa.. aku lapaq nasi beraini.

Top 15th medal

Finisher medal. Already rusty after 2 days.

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