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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

fun-walk with family

Penang Starwalk 2005 - Me.. will go. Walking together. Doing fun-walk. Sometimes kids and wife should involved too, so that they appreciate what i'm doing. Meleleh tengah jalan during training and run race. Depa mana tau.

When go out for jog.. she start pok-pek-pok-pek - Now she dah OK dah. And kids.. duuh! cair aku... ajak naik moto lah.. beli cekolat lah..
- That why changed my training run after isya’ (night) or before subuh.

Recently wife and kids follow me during training workout. Modified MTB to have a co-pilot cockpit for Jasmin. Alauddin with his bike.

So 2 bikes escort me on running.

Route.. Off-road! Thru kampung rubber estates, palm plantation, paddy field
- "Hah! belakang rumah ada bendang?!" ..wife shocked
and AIMST which still under construction.
- Next 2 years swimming pool.. takes 1km only.

1km before reach home, as i running beside her bike..
"Tak letih ke? / Are you tired"
"No. Will tired after 42km.."

- Baru nak tanya this kind of question ka?.. pap! pap! tepuk dahi.

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